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Bill Green

Words: Tom Guise

Batman: Arkham VR puts you in the skintight batsuit of Bruce Wayne. We climbed inside the mind of its lead designer to find out what drives him

Bill Green

Bill Green's Top Tip

“Think like Batman. He’s not all fist-fights and leaps off buildings; he’s more intellectual. Every nook in Batman: Arkham VR has been layered with secrets. Scratch the surface and explore it in every direction – you’ll find a depth that’s not immediately apparent.”

My latest game: “Batman: Arkham VR“

Virtual-reality adventure, 2016, PS4

“We got our PlayStation VR evaluation kit from Sony as we were completing Batman: Arkham Knight last year. It didn’t take long for the team to agree that VR plus Batman: Arkham would be an awesome way to wrap up our time with the Dark Knight.

I was asked to head up the design of the new project, which has to be the highlight of my career so far. The chance to tell a new story, with a completely new perspective, in a franchise I’ve grown with was very exciting.”

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The first game I worked on: “Sudeki“

Action role-player, 2004, Xbox, PC

“I’ve been building content for games since the original Doom. When the developers of Cossacks: European Wars – a real-time strategy game – saw some levels I’d posted on fan sites, they offered me the chance to build an ‘official’ campaign. That helped me land my first full-time design job, on the wonderful Sudeki.”

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The game I’d take to a desert island: “Civilization V“

Turn-based strategy, 2010, PC, Mac

“This is a tough call, but it would probably be Sid Meier’s Civilization V – and hopefully I’ll be saying Civilization VI very soon. I could spend more hours than I have in my life in this series’ game systems. I could mod it to keep myself entertained, too.”

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My current favourite: “Lumo“

Adventure puzzler, 2016, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac

“I’m enjoying this retro indie adventure right now. But, judging by the beta, Battlefield 1 will be keeping me busy this winter. I’m also awaiting my pre-order of Civilization VI, which is set to become my overall favourite.“

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The game that most inspired me: “Unreal Tournament“

First-person shooter, 1999, PC, Mac

“As early as the age of six, I loved creating paper designs for 8-bit, side-scrolling platform and puzzle games. Having access to powerful editors for games like Unreal Tournament in my teens set me on the road to making games for a living.”

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