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Blockbuster? The classic video game Tetris is coming to cinemas 

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The cause of hours of misspent youth, Tetris as a film? It’s happening but how will it work? We had no idea, until now

The adaptation of the classic game is really happening, as a joint-production between Threshold Entertainment Group and the Chinese production company Seven Star Works. The makers have been working for over a year with the Tetris Company and filming is expected to take place in the coming year with a Chinese cast.

In a statement Threshold CEO and film producer Larry Kasanoff said Tetris, as one of the most recognised video game franchises of all time, was the perfect project. “One of the reasons Tetris is so successful is because it fulfills an innate desire we all have to create order out of chaos in the world around us.”

What initially seemed like a crackpot idea could prove to be a silver screen blockbuster (get it?). However, the planned Tetris film won’t just be about bricks. Lucky us, as we are painfully reminded of Adam Sandler’s mega-flop Pixels.

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“That theme - applied with some imagination globally and possibly universally  – is a great one for a series of sci-fi movies,” promises Kasanoff. So can we expect huge building blocks attacking the Earth from space which can only be stopped by steering into perfect formation? Who knows? No details of the plot have yet been leaked but the story is set to be very different from what we imagine it:

“I promise you this movie is not what you think, but once you see it, you will understand why Tetris.”

Kasanoff has already brought Mortal Kombat to our screens, another extremely successful video game series, and this year computer games are already a hot topic. In addition to the already released Angry Birds and World of Warcraft Hollywood is bringing Assassin’s Creed to cinemas. 

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