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Chris Pratt on why he’s not a hero       


After saving the galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy and protecting an island from bloodthirsty dinosaurs in Jurassic World, Chris Pratt is at his heroic best again in the Wild West adventure The Magnificent Seven. Here, the 37-year-old reveals why he’s no hero in real life, and how he’s completely powerless against his son 

THE RED BULLETIN: What do you have in common with a western hero?

Well, a lot of people don’t know this, but I have killed a lot of people.

You’re lucky not a lot of people know, otherwise you would already be in jail!

Just kidding, that was a joke! No really, I have never killed anyone. The only thing I really have in common with my character are cheap magic tricks. I did a lot of card tricks growing up and he is a bit of an amateur magician himself.  I couldn’t even ride horses before we started shooting The Magnificent Seven, let alone shoot those types of pistols! That was really fun to learn.

In one scene you say to yourself, “Man, I’m good”. Has that ever happened in real life?

No, I don’t think I’ve ever said it like that. He is definitely cockier than I am. Okay, I admit I have an inability to not say something smart-ass like my character, but I am not as arrogant and brash as he is. 

The Magnificent Seven is a male-centric film. But we all know that women are the stronger of the sexes in reality, right?

I try not to make generalisations based on gender, but there are some really strong women out there. Many of them are in my life - my entire team for example. Strength comes in many forms, and there are no doubt many women in the world who are just as strong if not stronger than men. One of them is definitely my mother. She raised three kids that she had when she was young. We didn’t have a lot of money but she worked for 30 years to provide for us, even though she had arthritis in her hands. She never complained about it, she loved us the whole time.

Who’s the strongest man that you know?

My four-year-old son. He’s not afraid of anyone, especially not me. I can plead with him as long as I want to not punch me in the cookies, but it just doesn’t stop him. 

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Have you ever done something in real life that you would call heroic?

Everything I have done in my life has been incredibly heroic. Okay, that was another joke. I don’t know if there is anything you could call heroic. There might be some things that were, but I wouldn’t call them like that. That would be weird. I saved a girl once in New York from getting beaten up.

How did that play out?

I pushed the guy up against the car and I told him that if he ever touched her again, I would knock his f**king teeth out. He backed off and the girl took off. 

And did you give yourself a slap on the back for your heroics?

I was fearless for about three seconds and then my legs shook for about two hours afterwards. I just distracted this dude long enough for the woman to sprint away. I am definitely not a hero.

You also have to face another challenge in your life: Your wife feeding you with tasty meals when you have to stay in shape for your parts. How do you solve that problem?

It’s all about timing. I am just about to go on break for a couple of months, because I have been gone for a long time. So I look forward to eating some of these tasty meals starting as soon as possible. That’s the plan: not knowing how long it’s going to take to lose the weight and then really enjoy putting it on. In about two weeks from know I am going to be unrecognisably fat. Like the Eddie Murphy character in The Klumps

Is there a magnificent seven in your life?

Definitely. I just need to name my friends and family. But there are a lot more than just seven and if I choose then they are going to think I am ranking them! But when it comes to real heroes, I have to mention my brother. He’s a cop and is out there on the streets helping people everyday. 

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