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Clark Duke Follows Up

Words: Geoff Berkshire
Photo left: LUKE WOODEN

Clark Duke from the original Hot Tub Time Machine weighs in on the second edition of the raunchy cult hit and what it’s like to sit in a hot tub with a bunch of guys. 

Even Clark Duke was surprised when he heard Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was in the works. But the raunchy original blossomed into a cult hit in 2010.

So Duke, known for his roles in the Kick-Ass movies and TV’s The Office, and co-stars Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson return for a follow-up, with new pal Adam Scott along for the trip. 


THE RED BULLETIN: What was your reaction when you heard there was going to be a Hot Tub sequel?

CLARK DUKE: I was shocked, honestly. Just saying it out loud is pretty silly. It wasn’t a massive hit, but I think the deal is it just did so well on video and TV, it ended up justifying a sequel.

Did you have random people approaching you to talk about the movie?
Definitely, I get a lot of dudes-on-the-sidewalk kind of action from it. It all checks out.

Do they like to quote a particular line, or do they just yell “Hot Tub Time Machine!”? 
People will generally yell the title from 20 yards away, that kind of thing. Or like from a passing car. I’ve seen that happen with other people, too. I think it’s common to just yell out the title of the movie or TV show of whoever you recognize.

Does that happen with Kick- Ass, too?
Yeah, it depends on the age and gender and location—you get different stuff. I’m sure Christopher Walken still has people yelling, “Deer Hunter!”

“Sitting in a tepid pool of water with three guys for 12 hours at a time for three days is not that glamorous.”

Are you utterly sick of hot tubs yet?
On the press tour for the first movie, everybody thought they were being so clever to have the interview take place in a hot tub. There were multiple dudes who said, “Guess what? We’re doing it in a hot tub!”

Did you ever say no?
I’m contractually obligated to say yes. That’s my deal with MGM. [laughs]

How are the hot tubs on set?
They’re a complete nightmare. Those are the worst days, by far. They’re not real hot tubs first of all. It’s a big contraption they build so they can have cameras underneath. They have these big turbines to make them swirl. It’s lukewarm water because you can’t work for 12 hours a day in hot water, you’d get sick. And they’re on a stage that’s freezing all the time, so as soon as you get out you’re miserably cold. Within an hour the water is super gross. Just think of sitting in a tepid pool of water with three other guys for 12 hours at a time for like three days. It’s not that glamorous.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens Feb. 20 

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