Mynth take on the Red Bulletin’s Quickfire Questions 

Words: Andrew Swann
Photo above: Elisabeth Anna Photography

A fear of bouncy castles, broken bones in mosh pits and an infatuation with Lana del Rey’s boobs… Mynth take on The Red Bulletin’s Quickfire Challenge

Austrian electro duo Mynth combine haunting lyrics with atmospheric beats to create soundscapes of music to lose yourself in. Here, the twin siblings take on The Red Bulletin’s quickfire challenge to talk about teen crushes, inspirations and why Giovanna would quite like to touch Lana del Rey’s boobs… 

THE RED BULLETIN: How would you describe your fashion sense? What statement are you trying to make with it?

GIOVANNA: I love to wear dark and wide clothes. I usually have to feel comfortable and authentic especially when I am on stage. 

Who was your first celebrity crush as a teenager? 

Gio: This seems weird but I actually had a crush on an Austrian soccer player named Richard Kitzbichler, who actually played for Wüstenrot Salzburg. We used to go to the games with our dad which was a pretty big deal back then for us. I felt a little weird when I saw his face plastered on my school bus promoting condoms and safe sex. He was the condom face of my school days!

Mario: Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls. I am not too proud of that. 



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A piece of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia you would love to own?

 Something from the days when it was pretty violent on stage during Nine Inch Nails gigs. At one show, Trent Reznor threw his mic stand over his head and it hit the drummer, Chris Vrenna, and split his head right open. He was just bleeding non-stop but kept on playing. I would love to own that mic stand!

The first time you fell in love with music was…

Gio: When I was six years old and watched my grandmother playing the “Zugi” – which is an accordion from styria in Austria. I played for about eight years myself. This was my first step into music. I loved playing that instrument. 

Mario: My older brother gave me a Guns N’ Roses video of their gig in Paris when I was 12. I loved the way Slash played guitar and became a massive fan straight away. I played guitar for hours trying to play like him. I think I watched that video over 50 times and formed my first band as soon as I could. 



Giovanna and Mario Fartacek, better known as Mynth

Which famous person would you love to have dinner with? What would you ask them?

Gio: I guess I would like to meet Lana del Rey. She is a role model, very sexy and has a unique voice. I would also like to find out if she really did have plastic surgery done to her face and maybe I would like to touch her boobs!  

When are you too old to go on a bouncy castle and still look cool?

Gio: I only have bad memories of bouncy castles. I always hurt myself or got smashed in the face by other wannabe gymnasts. I think it still is – and will always be – too cool in my opinion. 

How would you define your dance style? 

Gio: I went to music school and attended dance classes with a focus on contemporary and modern dance, so I would describe myself as a bit of an experimental dancer. When I am in a club and drunk I would consider myself a pain in the arse for others who would just like to hang out on the dance floor and look cool and sexy. I am loud and annoying most of the time!

Mario: At our first Festival (Nova Rock 2006) I pushed little Giovanna into a mosh pit while we were watching Flogging Molly. I didn’t see her for a while and when she finally got out she had broken her finger. I guess I am not that much of a dancer, more of a pusher…

“I pushed little Giovanna into a mosh pit while we were watching Flogging Molly. I didn’t see her for a while and when she finally got out she had broken her finger”
Mario on looking out for his sister...

What song would get you on the dancefloor without a second thought? 

Gio: Almost every trap song, “wannabe” by the Spice Girls and “Killing in the name of”. 

The most extreme thing you have done in your life is?

Gio: My life isn’t very extreme. I like to live on the safe side… I went skydiving once which was pretty awesome.

The best party you have ever been to? 

Mario: There are a lot of good parties in Vienna and it is always fun to hang out with our friends. We used to organize a club night once a month (Live from Mars Club) in Vienna, which was always tons of fun where all of our friends came and everybody went crazy. 


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