Finn Jones Reveals How He Thinks Game of Thrones Will End

Finn Jones Predicts the end of Game of Thrones 

Interview: Holger Potye 
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The Red Bulletin met Finn Jones, famous for his role as Sir Loras Tyrell from Game of Thrones at Vienna Comic Con and he had a very interesting theory about the end of GoT to share with us 

THE RED BULLETIN: How has the success of Game of Thrones changed you? Can you still walk the streets of London unrecognised?

FINN JONES: Yeah, I can walk the streets. I think gone are they days of people hounding celebrities. Now that you’ve got Instagram and Twitter and Facebook I feel like people are not as hungry for celebrity any more because they can access it easier. The demand is not there anymore. People do recognise me when I am out. I have had several occasions, where I have been having lunch and people have paid for it! There are only positives. There are only upsides. 

I think as an actor in this situation you can see it two ways. You can either be hindered by it and see the negatives or you can just be open and accept it and enjoy it. There are times when you just want to be left alone, we all have those days, and there are ways of avoiding attention, but it hasn’t become too overbearing yet. There aren’t reporters at my doorstep or anything like that.

With which GoT character would you love to hang out with on a night out? 

Oh, they are all such horrible people, aren’t they? Not all of them, most of them. Who would I like to hang out with? The ice king [In GoT mythology he is called Night’s King]. Definitely the ice king!

What would you drink with the ice king?

Probably like a really cold beer or something. Frozen margaritas?

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You have a very interesting theory about the end, the great finale of Game of Thrones …

Finn Jones Reveals How He Thinks Game of Thrones Will End

We’d like to know how George would react to Finn’s theory 

I think there will be a huge war at the end between ice and fire. There will be different factions and when that fight is going on, they will realise that they have to fight the White Walkers. They will run out of Valyrian steel and they will realise that the throne has got Valyrian steel in it, so they have to melt down the throne, physically absolve it as well as politically, and they will have to use that steel to battle the White Walkers. But then they will still all fail and the two elements will crush each other. Like a phoenix out of the ashes, the children of the forest will come and help regenerate Westeros and give power back to the people. And there will be like a small council with all the good guys like Tyrion, Brienne, Hodor, Bran – all the good people.

Will your character be on the council?

Erm, the thing with the Tyrells is, when it comes to magic elements I think they are going to fail massively. They haven’t got any experience with anything other-worldly. They know how to play the political game, but I think they will be pretty screwed when it comes to dragons and White Walkers.

Have you spoken to George (R.R. Martin) about your theory?

No, but I think it is quite a good theory. I think I am pretty much on the money. It would be a good way to end it in my opinion.

Have you read the books?

Yeah, I have read the books, I am deeply involved with the story. I love it to bits. It will be interesting to see what happens.


 “They will run out of Valyrian steel and they will realise that the throne has got Valyrian steel in it, so they have to melt down the throne”
Finn Jones

You also work as a DJ…

I have been doing it for a long time, like 5-6 years, professionally maybe two years. It kind of started off as a hobby. It is a huge passion of mine and it is growing into something that I can go out and do, and make a bit of money off, and actually create really good parties. I love it. It is nice to do something creative which isn’t acting. It is nice to take your head away from that sometimes and just focus on another creative aspect of yourself. And I love music. I love bringing people together, I like transforming the environment. It is nice.

What music genres are you into?

I have got a DJ playlist on Soundcloud, if you want to check it out. I like house and techno, I like a lot of old disco. Good music with heart and a soul.  

How did you approach your character Ser Loras Tyrell. 

I have read all of the books and then just played the truth of the scene, really. I did a lot of research into what knights behaved like. But really you just have to see what the script is and just play the truth every little moment and then you allow everything else just to fall into place.

Is there a lot of you in him?

Yeah, definitely. There was more of me in him when I was younger, when I first started to play him. Now I kind of feel like I have outgrown him a little bit.

Would you want to hang out with your on-screen alter ego Loras Tyrell?

I kind of feel like Loras would be a little bit too up his own arse. A little bit too pretentious for me. But yeah, I definitely would. I think deep down he has got a really good soul and he means well. He is a little bit too much of a posh boy and into himself, but I would hang out with him. He is a good guy deep down.

So what’s up for you next?

I have just been filming season 6. I have been doing that for the last six months. And I just did this film called Leatherface, which is a prequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s directed by two french guys. These guys are fucking cool. They have made a lot of really good horror movies before. It is a really good script, so I think it is gonna be good. I play a crooked cop, so I am kind of good, but kind of a bit bad at the same time. 

Name some TV shows that recently made you go “WOW”!

I just watched Mr. Robot, have you seen that? It is really fantastic. It is one of the best TV series I have seen recently. Narcos is also really good. I also love Adventure Time … 

No Doctor Who?

No. it’s a kid show. I think Doctor Who is great, it’s a british institution. But it is a family show. I have no family, I have no kids, so …  

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