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The Red Bulletin Games Special: 
Ready Player One

Get your game on – at home, on the go, in the battle arena and beyond reality. Here are the best videos games and why you need them in your life right now

To find the world’s most popular games machine, just look in your pocket – some of today’s best-looking and most playable titles were made for the smartphone.


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Tomb with a view

Go tomb raiding without the claustrophobia. In addition to the platform action, Lara Croft GO has a turn-based system that focuses on puzzle solving, making it easier to play on the move. iOS, Android;

© Youtube // Constipated Owl

Bat Mobile

Dark Knight games are often as enjoyable as the films, and Batman: The Telltale Series even looks like a movie, with fast edits and cinematic angles. It’s being released in episodes, too. iOS, Android;

© Youtube // TouchGameplay

Coining it in

Nintendo’s superstar heads to the big Apple! The Italian plumber took his sweet time coming to the iPhone, but now he’s hit the road running. A mix of classic Mario platformer and endless runner, Super Mario Run has phone-friendly, one-finger gameplay – you tap the screen to jump and flip him on his Bowser-beating quest. iOS;

© Youtube // GameSpot


For raw power, cutting-edge graphics and a truly immersive depth of play, nothing beats a home gaming system. And the latest titles on the newest consoles are among the most incredible games ever created.


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True VR finally arrived this year, but in 2017 this exciting new technology will really show us what it’s capable of. Here are some of the big-hitters on the market.

Cruise control

Like playing driving games from the cockpit? Driveclub VR puts you behind the wheel of 80 cars. Race online on 114 tracks, hit Cruise Mode for a scenic ride, or take in the sights from the passenger seat.

© Youtube // PlayStation

Hammer time

Build crazy virtual machines with your hands to solve a puzzle. The real fun of Fantastic Contraption is that those around you can see your efforts on TV. One day, all machines will be made this way.

© Youtube // GameSpot

Hold tight

Freeclimb a cliff face high above the emerald waters of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. Spectacular but terrifying, The Climb is the perfect demo of how powerful and convincing VR can be. Gripping in every sense.

© Youtube // The Climb


Winning big bucks for playing games sounds like a wild fantasy, but for professional gamers it’s a high-paying reality. With the right gear, maybe you could join the eSports elite.

Big shot

The game to watch following its launch in May this year, team-based first-person shooter Overwatch has set the eSports scene on fire. Hardly surprising when you consider that it comes from the creators of StarCraft II – a title that shaped the pro gaming scene. In September, the televised Overwatch Open offered US$300K in prizes.

© Youtube // PlayOverwatch

Streets ahead

The grandaddy of fighting games is still going strong thanks to a thriving eSports scene. In July, 5,000 Street Fighter V players battled for a top prize of US$5K at the televised Evo 2016 tournament.

© Youtube // Street Fighter

League of its own

In August, the Championship Series Final of Rocket League – football with rocket-powered cars – streamed live to a million-plus Twitch viewers. Next year, the prize pool grows to US$250K.

© Youtube // GameSpot Trailers

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