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London grime MC Ghetts on making mistakes, childhood dreams and escaping the city

THE RED BULLETIN: How did you get started?

GHETTS: I recorded my first mixtape at a youth club in Raynham, Essex. My cousin Avalanche makes house music now, but he went there at the time and there was a recording studio I was able to use.

Who would top your wish list in terms of collaboration?

I love Jamiroquai. I’m one of his biggest fans, he’s sick. One day I’d love to ask him to do a collaboration with me. But equally I’d understand if he said no. For his fans it might not make sense. That’s something I’ve had to learn. I once appeared on a Cher Lloyd track and I regret that. No disrespect to her, she’s a lovely young lady. But that was me not really thinking about my brand at the time, and being in a bad place financially. They offered a large amount of money for 16 bars. It took me a while to understand that that sort of collaboration just doesn’t work.

Fire Burning 

Ghetts’ new album “Rebel With A Cause” is now available  

Who inspires you outside of the grime scene?

I listen to Kanye (West), I think he’s a genius. He chooses unexpected directions. Drake is an amazing rapper. What he does is next level. A lot of people leave him out as he seems like an obvious choice he’s so good, but he needs to be mentioned. I’ve also been listening to a lot of FKA Twiggs recently. Her album is really refreshing, I love it. It sounds sensual.

“I was a good kid before I was a rebel”

What do you get up to when you’re not making music?

I skate. I started when I was a kid, aged four. Then I picked it up again when I was about 21. I haven’t stopped since. It clears my head, I just go out around town, especially around docklands. It’s peaceful there most of the time, pretty empty. Skater’s paradise.

What would you be if not an MC?

When I was young I wanted to be an insectologist. I’d go out into the garden and catch insects so I could draw them. I was a good kid before I was a rebel…



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05 2015

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