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Danish rockers Go Go Berlin reveal their favourite corners of their home town, Aarhus 

With over 300 shows across Europe and the world under their belts, Go Go Berlin have seen their fair share of spectacular sights, but the Danish rockers still enjoy going home to the comforts of their own city, Aarhus. The Red Bulletin caught up with the band on tour while promoting their brand new album “Electric Lives” to get them to share their favourite corners of Denmark’s second largest city, and find out a number of interesting facts along the way. 

Go Go Berlin’s brand new album “Electric Lives” is out now  

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Where is the best place to go for breakfast in Aarhus? What would you recommend?

Latin Area, Aarhus

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The best place to go for brunch in Aarhus must be Smagløs. It’s a cosy little café in the heart of the city, where they make their own kind of Nutella chocolate for the bread. The direct translation for “Smagløs” is actually “Tasteless”, but it’s nothing like it!

The thing you most love about your city is….

The thing I enjoy about Aarhus is the size – but it’s a two way street. I love it because it’s not too small and not too big. Everybody knows everybody – which again, causes some problems!

A hidden treasure not many people know about in your city.

The old part of the city is called “The Latin Area”, and it’s packed with coffee houses and old cobblestone roads. 

A tourist trap I should avoid at all costs.

Along the river, that floats through the city, you’ll find a lot of bars and cafés – don’t go there – do it like in any other cities, take the small roads away from it, and go to a bar.

What’s the city’s best club night?

One of these bars would be Sway – a small place, which they do not take care about – concerts are being held, great DJ’s are playing, and the place is always packed! 

You leave the club at closing time and you don’t want to go home yet. Where would you go?

Sway is always one of the last bars to close – probably the reason why we go there – but if the party needs to continue, Mikkel will always lead everyone back to his apartment for a morning party.

Go Go Berlin - Electric Lives

Looking to party until the early hours in Aarhus? Then head down to Sway, where you might find these boys 

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A fun fact about your city not many people know.

The translation of Aarhus is “Year House”… you don’t know that if you don’t speak Danish. The original name was Aros, but that doesn’t mean anything though…

What’s the best record store?

I always shop at Route 66. It’s a small vinyl business, but it’s got all the right records!

How should I get around the city?

It’s a very small city, so you should probably walk around - so you don’t see it all in one day.

Sum up your city in three words

Cosy – girls – home. 


Go Go Berlin’s second album “Electric Lives” is out now and can be purchased here 


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