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Survive BATTLEBORN in Style!

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Want to survive BATTLEBORN and look like a badass doing so? Then you should read these 7 key survival tips 

BATTLEBORN, the long awaited online first-person shooter from Gearbox Software and 2K Games is out. The Red Bulletin went into Battle Mode to find out more about the essential survival strategies in the game. Here is what Gearbox’s assistant producer Anthony Nicholson revealed to us after some intensive rounds of torturing, ah, questioning …  

Definition of badass
“Can take control of any situation and doesn’t take crap from anyone! They will do what is needed to get er’ done and most importantly, look awesome while doing it!” 

(Source: Ancient Book of Ni Khols, Author: Son of N.

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Battleborn Ghalt

1. Study the Command Menu  
Learning the traits of the different Battleborn will help you identify which Hero is best for you and understand all of their skills and abilities.

2. Use Gear
There are nearly limitless combinations of our procedurally generated loot system that will allow you to acquire all different types of Gear to add to your Loadout. These pieces of Gear will help your Hero attain more attack damage, sprint speed or even shards per second, and so on!

3. Snag Shards
Scattered throughout every map, whether Story or Competitive, are in-game currency known as Shards. These allow the players to activate Gear in their Loadout, build multiple types of turrets as well as other buildables like Health Regeneration Stations and M1 Super Minions.

4. Stick with your team
Battleborn is a very team-centric game that revolves around team composition and strategy. Working together as you push down a lane of minions or engage the enemy team gives you an advantage over those who separate from the group.

Battleborn 25 Characters

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5. Use your Teleport
In Battleborn competitive multiplayer, heroes have the ability to Teleport back to base when their health is low. This is critical in the different game modes as killing an enemy gives XP and takes them out of battle for a good amount of time. Don’t be that guy!

6. Use a Support character
Heroes like Miko, Reyna, Ambra and Kleese give a strong advantage to any team that employs them. Recharging shields, applying overshields and regenerating ally health can help your team survive in those furious firefights.

7. Play the Story episodes repeatedly
In Battleborn, the story episodes are highly replayable and benefit the player with each playthrough. There are rare Legendary drops from bosses as well as the possibility to acquire thousands of different types of unique Gear. Since your Command Rank and Character Rank improve every time you play, this is also a great way to become even more powerful!

BATTLEBORN is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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