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Jon Snow to replace Hugh Jackman as the new Wolverine?

Words: Jason Wolf
Photography: YouTube/Zero Media

Replacing an adored actor is a punishment for film studios and fans alike, but here are the top three contenders to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Logan marks the end of an era for perhaps the most venerated partnership between actor and character in any superhero franchise, with Hugh Jackman officially having shaved off the muttonchops, retracted the iconic metal claws and retired his run as Wolverine. Though Jackman shared an undoubtable link with Wolverine, somebody will eventually have to pick up the mantle, because reboots have become inevitable and routine staples in the agendas of movie studios. Taking age, character and other existing Marvel and DC roles into consideration, we narrowed it down to the top three contenders for the role.

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First, do we need another Wolverine movie anytime soon?

Ideally, they shouldn’t make another movie featuring Wolverine for at least five years. That’s when Marvel will be restructuring its future plans and any other X-Men related shows or spin-off movies will have fizzled out. When that time comes it would be wise to pluck another actor from obscurity, just like they did with Jackman. 

What are the required core characteristics?

A great Wolverine needs an outer glaze of hostility and gruffness, but with a core of vulnerability and heart. It also doesn’t hurt if they’re hairy and smoke cigars, too.

The big-name option: Tom Hardy

A popular choice to replace Jackman as a quick fix would be Tom Hardy, who has proven his ability to play vicious and aloof. This is an emergency-only situation if the movie studio decides they want another Wolverine movie in the next couple of years, because Hardy is already 39 and wouldn’t be a sustainable option for a handful of more films.

The popular option: Kit Harington

If they want somebody who’s already established themselves, why not take a look at Kit Harington of Game Of Thrones fame. He fits the bill in terms of stature, youth and appearance, and also has experience with action. His GOT character can already be described as a warrior with heart, which ought to be the winning recipe for Wolverine.

The outta the box option: Corey Hawkins

This guy is blowing up at the moment. After his turn as Heath of AMC giant The Walking Dead, Hawkins lost some weight to represent the doctor himself, Dr Dre, in Straight Outta Compton, and now plays the lead in the new 24 spin-off, 24: Legacy. Add to that a starring role in Kong: Skull Island, and he has a solid handle on badassery. Here’s hoping the recasting of Wolverine is handled with fragility and competence.

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