Kapitän Karl Stanley

Under the sea 

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Captain Karl Stanley reveals some of the key things he’s learned about deep sea diving and presents the most beautiful places to try it out 
Karl Stanley
Karl Stanley

Karl began building submarines at the age of 15. He now spends his time as an underwater guide in the Carribean. 

3 places you need to see:

Soufrière Bay, Dominica. There’s a large population of sperm whales to be discovered around a semi-active volcano. 

Chagos Archipelago. One of last untouched, tropical marine biology systems on the planet. There is a massive shark population here. 

Palau (photos above and below). This is simply paradise on earth. Deep water, beautiful coral reefs and unique fish make this island truly one of a kind. 



Palau: paradise on earth 

3 things you need to know about diving in the sea: 

NEVER EVER: Go diving in bad or unpredictable weather. It is almost impossible to navigate in a storm.

DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE: The sea can be treacherous. Never underestimate it.  

BE REALISTIC: You are never going to know everything about the sea, and don’t expect to. There is a lot to discover out there and you will learn new things everyday. 

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