Kill It Kid

New Blues Kids

Words: Andrew Swann

The British Newcomer band Kill It Kid takes on The Red Bulletin’s quickfire questions 

Kill It Kid from Bath consider themselves as a “New British Blues Band” but it is rather difficult to describe their genre. Their unique sound is an explosive mixture Blues - inspired by old (and younger) Blues Legends, such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes - topped with grungy heaviness and aggressive rock elements. Their third studio album You Owe Nothing was released last year. Stephanie, Chris, Marc and Tom take on The Red Bulletin’s quickfire questions and reveal their strangest memories, guilty pleasures and all-time wishes. 

“I’ll be the first”

The thing you love to do most after a gig is….. sleep

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you….. “your are so f- lovely”

A piece of rock n rock memorabilia you would love to own is… Paul Kossoff’s Les Paul

A song you wish you had written… “Free” by Mr. Big 

The most influential person in your life… our mums 

The worst fashion faux pas is…. Kitten Heels

A musical guilty pleasure of yours is… Bon Jovi

The first album you ever bought… Aerosmith



The most influential people in our lives are our mums
Kill It Kid
Kill It Kid

You Owe Nothing

Their third single “Blood, Stop and Run” was released on March 20

Things you miss the most from your childhood… Tamagotchis 

Something you love to do when you are not touring is… Drink coffee

A location you would love to play live is… The Artic Circle 

If you could be good at one sport, it would be… Polo, so we had rich friends

If a genie granted you three wishes, you would wish for… Money, Power, Truth 

Currently playing on your MP3 player… “Pearl” from Janis Joplin

The nicest compliment you have ever received… To our drummer Marc: “your are the nicest man in rock”

A complete no-go once you reach 30… Nothing

A word you don’t say often enough, but really should is… Cosmical

A star (dead or alive) you would you love to have dinner with… Elvis 

The four records every music fan should have in their collection… “Let It Be” from The Beatles, Nirvana’s “Never Mind”, “Nebraska” from Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stone’s “Sticky Fingers”

A piece of advice you received that you will never forget… Never drink in a flat-roofed bar 

If you could come back as any musician in a second life, it would be… The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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