Lars Ulrich, Metallica's Drummer, on How To Become A Rockstar in 2017

How to become a rock star in 2017:
3 Tips by Lars Ulrich

WORDS: Nick Amies

You want nothing more than to become a rockstar in 2017? Metallica’s legendary drummer, Lars Ulrich, has three tips for you

1 Find like-minded people who are as passionate as you are

“We’re all very different characters, but at the core we’re a band that have moved forward together. James [vocals/guitar] and I are perhaps at the steering wheel, with Kirk [lead guitar] and Rob [bass] sitting in the back, but we all get a say in where we’re heading. We’ve seen band members come and go, but even those who are not with us now have shared the passion of being in Metallica. Passion means you’ll fight about stuff from time to time, but you’ll be fighting for the good of the band. Finding people ready to do that – to get in the trenches with you and go the distance – that’s the solid base you need.”

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2 Stay true to your own vision and ideals 

“We’ve made choices and music that have not always been popular with everyone, but you know, that’s not really why we make these choices. We’ve done what we’ve done because we’ve believed in every single part of it. If we always made music to a template of what has brought us success in the past, we would sound the same and never progress, and that would be like a kind of creative death. We could just slip the same record into a different sleeve and take the rest of the year off. We welcome challenges and set ourselves new ones to keep things interesting for everyone involved. People will try to tell you to go another way, and they’ll sell it as the best thing for the band, but you – the band – should be the only ones making those decisions. Don’t let anybody talk you out of them. Listen to those you trust, but stand firm together.”

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3 Remain committed

“Stay the course. Hang in there. If you’re talented, someone will find you.”

After a career that spans four decades, Metallica are still rocking the stages and have just released their tenth studio album, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct.

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