Macklemore on his favourite three artists

Words: Florian Obkircher

Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore introduces three artists who had an impact on his new album

Some of you might have recently found out that Macklemore is an art lover. But be assured, it’s not only oil paintings of nude Justin Bieber that the platinum selling “Thrift Shop” rapper is looking for when he’s decorating his studio. Here, Macklemore names his three favourite artists who had an impact on his new album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made.

1. Noah Davis

“He’s a visual painter I went to school with. His art is incredible. I love it. Sadly he passed away last year.”

Noah Davis @noahmdavis (photo re: Wilding Crane Gallery) ... #NoahDavis

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2. Chance The Rapper

“I love what Chance The Rapper is doing. I think his creativity is unique, he has style and substance at the same time and he brings a much-needed voice to the game. Also, he’s independent and I admire him for that.”

Chance The Rapper’s current single Somewhere In Paradise

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3. Anderson .Paak

“He’s one of the most exciting new vocalists out there at the moment. I’m a fan, so it was a big honour to get him for a feature on the new album.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ new tune Dance Off, featuring Idris Elba & Anderson .Paak

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