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Michael Cudlitz on how TWD should end & zombie survival strategies

Interview: Holger Potye
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The Red Bulletin talked to The Walking Dead’s Sgt. Abraham Ford to find out who should be getting acquainted with Lucille, his favourite characters on the show and why high walls just aren’t going to save you when the zombie apocalypse really comes 

Michael Cudlitz plays Abraham Ford in AMC’s worldwide hit series The Walking Dead. At the end of season 6 one of the main characters is killed by Negan, the new villain in town. According to bookies, Cudlitz’s character is in the top 5 to bite the dust.

In this article:

  • Who Michael Cudlitz thinks should really die in The Walking Dead
  • How The Walking Dead should end 
  • How to survive a zombie apocalypse
  • His favourite character on the show 

THE RED BULLETIN: So, according to the bookies you’re days are numbered. How do you feel about that?

MICHAEL CUDLITZ: It’s awesome [Laughs.] Let’s see what happens. 

Are you allowed to talk about it?

No, sorry. Not at all.

But if you could choose, who would you like to see die?

[Laughs] Dwight!

How and when should The Walking Dead end as a TV series?

I’m excited to see what Robert Kirkman actually has planned. I hope that it doesn’t just end because the viewing figures drop. This show needs to end in a way that really rounds the story off.

Are you reading the comics as well?

I am, but I am behind.

Your character is the master of one-liners and is loved by fans for his quirky humour. Is there room for improvisation on set?

No, it doesn’t fit the system of the show. It is very controlled. The amount we’re allowed to curse and how violent the show can be is moderated. So if you take liberties on your own, you might not be able to use it, because you are taking away someone else’s ability to use those words. It is all very, very controlled

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What’s your survival strategy for when the zombies come knocking at your door in real life?

I don’t know if it would be worth surviving in real life. But I think I would try to get to an island, some kind of island. Because you can control what happens better. You don’t want walls. Things are drawn to walls because of the noise they project. But if you are on an island, if it is a big enough island, you could be sort of self-sufficient.

Who is your favourite character on the show?

When I was a fan of the show – before I actually got to work on the show – my favourite characters were always Glen and Carol.


I just love the amount that the characters have changed and grown. The difference between Glen as a little pizza delivery kid and the man that he has become in the show is huge. And Carol, the way that she has grown from a completely beaten down victim to a complete survivor and someone who will do whatever has to be done to survive. I think they are both terrific.

It seems like TV is bigger and more influential than cinema at the moment. One reason for that is the fact that you have a lot more time to establish characters on TV …

Yes, but that has always been the case though with television. The characters unfold, and they are layered and they are much more complicated. You just literally have much more time. You know the reason Band of Brothers came about was because Tom Hanks came across the source material when he was researching Saving Private Ryan. Private Ryan was a member of the 101st Airborne in the show. And Steven Spielberg read the book Band of Brothers, doing research about the 101st Airborne and about Ryan. And that’s why they were like: “This is a bigger story that needs to be told in a bigger, larger format.”

Have you ever had nightmares because of the show? Maybe some sweet dreams about Zombies?

[Laughs] No!

What was your craziest fan encounter so far?

The kids get really, really excited and it is fun to engage with them.  There is so much positive energy. It is always great to meet the fans. There hasn’t been a crazy, scary moment so far. Fingers crossed, right?

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