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Michael Rooker Says Irritating Co-Workers Probably Deserve To Die

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: YouTube/FilmTrailerZone

The Walking Dead and Guardians Of The Galaxy star talks his new horror movie, The Belko Experiment, and how he’d have no issues knocking off annoying co-workers if his life depended on it

You don’t mess with a guy who’s made a career out of playing murderous badasses, so when Michael Rooker talks workplace killings you stop chewing with your mouth open. The truth is, The Walking Dead and Guardians Of The Galaxy menace is one of the nicest dudes in Hollywood, his joviality and cheek having endeared him to fans and journalists across the globe. This is a guy who is a big draw at any comic conference, so when we learned that Brandi’s dad (Mallrats reference) was set to star in new horror/thriller/dark comedy film, The Belko Experiment, we reached out to his people, and the man of the fans was only too happy to shoot the breeze.

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What is The Belko Experiment exactly? Think part The Purge, part Saw, part Office Space in a locked-down office building, where the only way to get out alive is to kill your co-workers. It’s effectively a dark, slaughter-happy send-up of office politics, and Rooker shapes as the man to save the day – even if we wouldn’t mind knocking off the boss himself.

THE RED BULLETIN: Have you ever thought about killing a co-worker?

MICHAEL ROOKER: If we had a Belko Experiment on some of these movie sets that I’ve done – Man, it wouldn’t be difficult at all! [Laughs.] You already know you would pull the trigger, right? You’ve got to. What else are you gonna do? You wanna go home. You wanna see your family. If you don’t, you don’t survive. It’s that simple.


You play the wise, crafty janitor, Bud. But we don’t know much else. What can you tell us about him?

I think you mean custodial engineer. [Laughs.] But I’m not gonna tell you what I do! I don’t wanna spoil it too much, but you know how good I am at playing badasses.[Laughs.] My character is Bud, and I take good care of my mentally handicapped co-worker, and I make sure this building stays up and running. I’m a little peed off that somebody has taken control of my building and I’m down with finding out who it is and fixing it.

It seems like as a ‘custodial engineer’ Bud would have plenty of reason to kill off the office staff himself.

This is true! [Laughs.] Janitors get the worst treatment in the workplace. You people spill stuff all the time, all over the place, and Bud’s gotta come by and clean it up. It’s like “Right there, clean it up!” [Laughs.]

The film’s basically taking office politics to the extreme and it’s pretty self-aware.

Right! It’s absolutely marvelous how humour can infiltrate The Belko Experiment, and it totally does. The first time the trailer aired in front of the audience, when the first guy’s head explodes the entire audience started cracking up. It surprised the hell out of me. I think we’re gonna draw in a big mixture or horror fans, people who like thrillers, plus there’s a quite of lot of humour in there for others. I think people are gonna dig it. They’re gonna dig it a lot.

The Belko Experiment is released on Thursday, March 16.​ 

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