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Neve McIntosh on her favourite Doctor Who

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The Red Bulletin talked to Doctor Who’s Madame Vastra about the perks of being Scottish, her choice in men and why she’d like to be Cleopatra for one day 

The well known scottish actress is kind of a Doctor Who regular. She played the Silurian twins in Matt Smith’s Doctor Who run and returned to the doctor in season 6 in the form of Silurian character Madame Vastra.

The Red Bulletin talked to Neve about … 

  • Who her favourite Doctor of all time is
  • The best and the worst things about Scotland
  • What she looks for in a man

THE RED BULLETIN: Lets talk about the Doctor Who phenomenon. The show is internationally successful, but still manages to preserve that very British feeling.

NEVE MCINTOSH: Marketing and the whole media is not so tied down in regions any more. I think that helps. And Sci-fi/fantasy has become mainstream. I think Star Wars helped with that and Star Trek. Because Doctor Who has kept its own voice, it is very British. People love that. And it is a lot of fun. I still enjoy watching it.


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How old were you, when you had your first encounter with Doctor Who?

I would have probably been about four. I always watched it. I remember Jon Pertwee changing into Tom Baker in Planet of the Spiders. I remember getting freaked out by the big spiders in the back.  

Who is your favourite Doctor Who?

Tom Baker. But working with Matt (Smith), has kind of my Doctor in that way. That’s when I started working on it. I played three different characters with Matt. I’ve only played the one so far Peter Capaldi.

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What do you think about Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who? He had a tough start as the latest Doctor, but I think he managed to get the fans on his side pretty quick.

Absolutely. If you look back, every single person who has taken over the Doctor had that at the beginning. I remember when Peter Davison took over from Tom Baker - my brother was absolutely distraught. But you just have to wait and give them a chance to find their own voice. They always help them overlap and that keeps the continuity for the audience. I think he is great. He is such a fan and he loves it. He is going to look after it.

If you had the chance to hang out with one of the Doctors at a pub, who would it be?

Oh, can I have all of them? (Laughs.) Wouldn’t that be the best dinner party ever – every single Doctor there. Yes!

You are from Scotland. What are the best things about Scotland?

The best things? The people, the mountains, the water – all the beautiful water. We have got a ton of it. It rains all the time. I would also say the Whiskey. Edinburgh and Glasgow. What else? The accent. The music and dancing. We always like to have a good time. And the New Year’s parties of course!

The worst things?

The deep fried Mars bars. 

Interesting choice.

The rain can also be a bit of a downer. Although sometimes it stops and the sky cracks and the sun comes through and it is so beautiful.

When is the best time to go to Scotland actually?

I’d say spring, because there is still a nice freshness and you can still get a bit of snow right up in the high mountains, which is really lovely on a sunny day. It keeps you cool.  The autumn is also lovely, when everything turns this beautiful shade of red. I am getting homesick right now.

What do you look for in a man?

For me it is always a good sense of humour. That will always score points with me. And he must like sci-fi and gaming. 

What are you playing at the moment?

I finished Halo 5 Guardians and the latest Uncharted. I also got the Master Chief collection. And I got cables so that I can put my old Nintendo 64 back on tv and play Super Mario again. So yes, if a guy doesn’t like games consoles, it is a no go for me.

If you could be a historical figure for one day, which one would you chose?

Cleopatra springs to mind. She is so iconic and I am quite fascinated by that time. But you know what would be cool instead of being a historical figure yourself? Just being someone just on the edge - like a servant of Napoleon - so you could sort of see it all from a sneaky point of view. 

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