Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s unforgettable Game of Thrones experiences 

Words: Rüdiger Sturm 

From bathing naked with Brienne of Tarth to amazement at Comic-Con, the Danish actor has seen and done some pretty crazy things thanks to Game Of Thrones. Here he reveals some of those to The Red Bulletin  
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on… 

… the throne room 

“It’s massive! The first time I walked onto the set of the throne room of the Red Keep I though to myself: ‘holy shit, they mean business’.“


… success 

“After the first season we went to Comic-Con. Before this I had no idea of the success of the show, because in Denmark it only aired on a small channel. But once we walked onto the stage at Comic-Con I realized we’d be doing this for a while.”

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres in April, 2016 on HBO

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… media 

“In season 4 Jamie and Cersei have a moment of passion in front of the corpse of their son. It was a scene full of conflict and f**ked up emotions. Some people thought he raped her and it became this crazy debate that took on a life of its own. But that’s a good thing in a way, because we wouldn’t have this kind of discussion if the show wasn’t doing well.”

… Gwendoline Christie

“In season 3 I had a scene where I sat naked in a bath with Brienne of Tarth. Since then Gwendoline keeps saying that at the end I told her: ‘You are very skinny, but strong!’ I don’t remember, but I say a lot of weird stuff. She remembers literally everything and she has been driving me crazy with it ever since, but in a good way of course.“

… Cersei 

“Lena Headey is brilliant as Cersei. We know each other so well now that it feels weird every time when we have to do a kissing scene. So as soon as they yell cut we make faces of disgust, not seriously, but it does feel a bit wrong.“


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