Fall out Boy

“You Have To Persevere!”

Words: Florian Obkircher

Fall Out Boy mastermind Pete Wentz’s three tips on how to become a rock star in 2016.

Pete Wentz is a rock star extraordinaire. With his own band Fall Out Boy he has sold over 7.5 million albums and toured the world several times.

But over the last ten years, the 36-year-old bassist and songwriter has also proven to have a good nose for emerging talent.

Groups like Panic! at the Disco and Gym Class Heroes owe their success primarily to Wentz who discovered and signed them to his label DCD2 Records. Here the rock entrepreneur reveals what it takes to become a rock star.


You can’t only broadcast, especially on social media. You’ve got to listen to what people are saying, that’s really important. People go on Facebook and they try to broadcast all the time, but you have to realize that communication is a two way street. 

Instead of constantly telling people about the stuff that you’re doing and the songs you’re uploading to iTunes, respond to your fans. Listen to what they have to say.

It is important for Pete to interact with his fans. Here, he answers some of their questions.

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You have to persevere. There will always be gigs where only one kid is showing up, especially in the beginning. But you have to persevere, even if it’s hard to do.

For a long time our band toured the United States in a van. Not a lot of people came to the shows, and many shows got cancelled. It is what it is. If people make music to get famous and to make a lot of money, they’re in the wrong business.

“You have to persevere, even if it’s hard to do.”
Pete Wentz, 36
Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s story of success proves: You have to be persistent.


Every day you make choices that are either for yourself or against yourself. What I try to do with my music is encouraging people to make more decisions for themselves. And that includes picking up musical instruments.

No one ever told our band that we were special, we were just this punk rock band from the Midwest. You have to discover this thing inside yourself. That’s unfortunate because you think that the world around us should be better at nurturing people and encouraging them to understand they’re special.

But if you don’t get that, you have to dig deep somewhere down inside yourself and find what it is about yourself that you find to be special.

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