What pop princess JoJo looks for in a man

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The American singer TAKES ON THE RED BULLETIN QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE. FROM dating advice, her first kiss, monogamy and Idris Elba’s sex appeal – THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT JoJo 

At the age of 13 JoJo became the youngest solo artist to score a number one single in the U.S charts. But due to issues with her label she hasn’t been able to release a full-length album since 2006. Over the last decade, she’s independently released two mixtapes and did a lot of acting.

Now the 25-year-old is looking at Mad Love as her official music comeback. It’s an album about honesty, self-empowerment and, obviously, love.

The Red Bulletin used that theme as an opportunity to ask JoJo some questions about her own love life.

Watch the music video of JoJo’s current single “Fuck Apologies”

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THE RED BULLETIN: Which famous person did you have a crush on when you were a teenager? 

JOJO: Zac Efron. I thought he was very cute.

The cheekiest chat-up line someone has used on you? 

To be honest, I can’t think of one. Guys don’t really chat me up like that very often. 

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Have you ever fallen in love at first sight and if so, with whom? 

I believe in love at first sight, and I think I have experienced it. I remember having very strong feelings for my ex-boyfriend when I first saw him. But it’s really more about the development of the relationship in order to find out if you’re really in love. 

Which male celebrity over 40 do you fancy? 

Idris Elba. It’s his voice, it’s his acting, it’s his style, it’s his physique. He’s so sexy!

What dancing skills do you have that would impress a male stranger in a nightclub

Oh God, I can do body rolls, but that’s about it.

Excited to be included in the latest issue of @billboard magazine ‼️ 💋❤️

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What’s the name of the first man with whom you made out? 


What are two important rules for writing a love letter? 

Be sincere and … besides sincerity, I think you don’t really need to do anything else. Oh, be memorable!

Is the idea of monogamy still up to date? 

It’s up for debate, that’s what it is. I’ve had plenty of conversations with my friends about it: Is it right? Should we still be holding our relationships to that standard? It’s a very personal matter. And I think both parties need to be on the same page about it: Are you exclusive or are you open?

What’s the best restaurant in your hometown for a first date? 

I haven’t lived in Foxborough, where I grew up, for a long time. So I’ll pick a place in Los Angeles where I live now: Vinoteque on Melrose. It’s a wine bar and they do tapas. It’s very pretty, and I think it would make a great place for a first date.

Album pre-order starts Sept 16 #MADLOVE

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Your boyfriend wants to go for drinks with his ex with whom he’s still friends. How do you react? 

I react lovingly and trustingly and hopefully it would make him feel so comfortable and confident with our relationship that he wouldn’t do anything. And if he did do something, he would feel really shitty about it!

What clever realisation about men have you had? 

If you pay close attention to the way a man acts, I think you can determine his penis size without knowing. It’s about his insecurities, you know.

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