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4 Star Wars spin-off ideas 

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With a Han Solo film the next spin-off in the works, here are a few ideas for people we think also deserve the spin-off treatment 

The Star Wars universe is massive, almost never-ending. With that comes a wealth of stories that have yet to be told in all their glory, or possible characters with the potential to have their story re-written for the big screen. With Han Solo next up for a spin-off, we’ve looked at some other characters that could get the solo treatment in years to come. 

Note: We know that a lot of these characters already have their own background stories in the Star Wars canon, but we’ve taken the liberty of giving them a bit of a revamp for movie purposes. You know, artistic freedom and all that. 

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It’s not easy being a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. Greedo was never a brutal mercenary like Boba Fett, but he did what he could to win the heart of the one he loved, even if it meant doing things he’d rather not do. There’s money to be made in this business, and if that’s what he has to do to earn enough to be able to win his loved one’s hand in marriage, then so be it. Greedo is now one job away from retiring and this is the meal ticket that will put him back on the right track and give him enough money to start a family. How hard can it be to track down Han Solo? This is a Shakespearean action-drama about love, power and greed. 

Film title: Greed.O


Jar Jar Binks

He used to be one of the most intelligent, charming Gungan’s around, a Tyler Durden of his people you could even say. In order to avoid a jail sentence, J.J. Binks allows himself to be locked up in a mental institute and tries to rebel against the system. His punishment: lobotomy. One of his inmates wants to put him out of his misery, but in the commotion J.J. is thrown out of the window of the institute, releasing him into the world. While J.J. seems like normal – if simple – person at first glance when the Jedi find him, deep down there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. 

Film title: One Swam Under The Cuckoo’s Nest 

Bib Fortuna

It’s not easy working for Jabba the Hutt, but at least Bib has a position of relative security in his as translator and assistant, but he knows that could change at anytime. When Jabba is introduced to another slave that can do his duties, Bib’s lifelong dream of breaking free from Jabba’s shackles becomes a definite possibility. While Jabba is distracted by slave girls, Han Solo and androids, Bib escapes into the unforgiving Tatooine desert, and so begins a hazardous journey and battle for his freedom. This is a dramatic tale with the moral being that all living beings are equal, and we all have a right to be free.

Film title: 12 Years a Translator



When Lando Calrissian leaves Cloud City, the central computer takes control and re-shapes the city into a dystopian system of his own vision. The central computer believes there is no one that can stand in his way with Lando gone, but he’s forgotten about one person: Lando’s assistant Lobot. Lobot wants to return the city to the way things were before and free the people of the city from this nightmare. And so begins a bitter battle between good and evil, a cyber punk film noir thriller with stunning action scenes and a dark theme. 

Film title: I, Lobot

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