Who’s the greatest of them all? 

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We’ve all got our favourites, but which of the Avengers is truly the best? 

Avengers: Age of Ultron is about to hit your screens with a huge ‘Hulk Smash’. But which of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is really the best Avenger? We’ve checked out some of their vitals and given them ratings based on a number of factors. See if you agree below (All reviewed characters are from the movie universe, not the original comic team).

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be coming to a big screen near you on April 23rd 

Tony Stark/Iron Man


Hulkbuster - Iron Man will have to up his game in A:AoU as he tries to stop a rampaging Hulk 

Coolness: It’s Iron Man, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. 9/10

Abilities: Genius level intellect and superhuman strength, energy repulsors and Mach 3 flight when inside his suit. Destroy the suit, and he’s vulnerable. 7/10

Kick-assness: He’s a tricky devil when he’s in his suit, but he’s not a big gun and can be beaten. 6/10

Likeability: Let’s be honest, Tony Stark is an arrogant, rich dick. He knows it, we know it, but somehow we still like him. 8/10 

Admit it, we’d all love to rock the Iron Man suit sometime, and the Avengers wouldn’t be the Avengers without Tony’s funding. 29/40  


God of Thunder - Thor will have to call on all of the power of Asgard if the Avengers are to defeat Ultron 


Coolness: The God of Thunder is still taking classes on how to keep up with the modern day lingo. 6/10 

Abilities: The dude is pretty much a God. The son of Odin possesses the power of Mjolnir, controls lightning and can fly. He also got super glossy hair . 9/10

Kick-assness: Did we already mention the fact that he is a Demi-God? There are not many stronger than Thor.  9/10

Likeability: Being God-like can make people very jealous, just ask Loki. But what isn’t there to like about Thor? Apart from the fact that he hasn’t quite got to grips with living on earth yet. 7/10

He’s one of the Avengers big guns alongside Hulk and a key member of the team. 31 / 40



Captain America

Captain America

Captain America - Will he be able to lead the team to victory without any casualties? 

Coolness: He’s the equivalent of a super powered granddad. Does Cap know what twerking is or how to snapchat? Probably not. 5/10

Abilities: Super-human strength, healing, agility, leadership and morals and his shield of course, but he can’t get drunk. Damn. 8/10

Kick-assness: Against the average man and with his shield he’s almost unbeatable, but he’s just a man, a very strong one admittedly. 7/10 

Likeability: Somehow he is just too good to be true. His strict morals and lack of humour mean he’s not always where the party is at. 6/10

His moral values, strategic skills and leadership make Captain America a vital member of the Avengers. 26/40



Black Widow - Her skills will be tested to the limit, both physically and mentally in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Black Widow

Coolness: Black Widow is beautiful, deadly and a master of manipulation. She’s about as cool as it gets. 8/10

Abilities: Military training, enhanced psychological defences and manipulation and peak athletic condition. She is still only human though. 6/10

Kick-assness: Black Widow can hold her own against the best of them, but her talents lie elsewhere. 6/10   

Likeability: What’s not to like about this Russian bombshell? 7/10

Black Widow is a real badass with an attitude and she’s not afraid to do what needs to be done for the greater cause, even if she breaks a few eggs in the process. 27/10 



After spending much of the first film under a spell, how much of an influence will Hawkeye have on the procedings in A:AoU?  

Coolness: Hawkeye is strange one, he is deadly with arrows, which is cool, but apart from that he doesn’t offer that much Avenger. 4/10

Abilities: Give him an arrow and be amazed at what he can do, apart from that, hmmm… 5/10

Kick-assness: Yep, again he’ll kick your ass as long as his arrows don’t run out. 5/10  

Likeability: He’s not everyone’s darling, let’s put it that way. 5/10

Would it be a massive loss if Hawkeye wasn’t in the avengers? Probably not… 19/40


Coolness: Hulk is without doubt one of the most iconic Marvel characters ever created. 8/10

Abilities: There isn’t much the Hulk can’t do, and he is pretty much unstoppable. 9/10

Kick-assness: He is, as he claims, ‘the strongest there is’. 10/10  

Likeability: HULK SMAAASH 9/10

Who doesn’t like watching Hulk smash things up a bit? 36/40

Will we see more of that Hulk attitude in A:AoU? 

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