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Pharrell Williams is planning a series of kids’ books, starting with one based on his hit song, Happy. Of course, he’s not the first musician to write for children…

Gus & Me, Keith Richards

Would you give your child a book by a man who has lived the most rock ’n’ roll lifestyle imaginable? You should, because 2014’s Gus & Me is Richards’ touching tribute to his granddad, who inspired him to play guitar.

Keith richards

Princess Ai, Courtney Love

Rock music’s enfant terrible was never going to write about a fairytale princess. The heroine of Love’s 2004 manga graphic-novel series is an alien girl named Princess Ai, who finds herself fighting demons and rocking music clubs in Japan.

Courtney Love

The English Roses, Madonna

With six kids’ books to her name, Madonna is the most experienced children’s author in music. Her first, 2003’s The English Roses, has sold over half a million copies worldwide and been published in 40 languages.


Wildwood, Colin Meloy

The frontman of indie rock darlings The Decemberists started out as a children’s author four years ago. His debut novel Wildwood tells the story of two kids on a quest to rescue a baby abducted by the evil crows.


Playground, 50 Cent

Despite being a questionable role model, given his history of charges ranging from drug possession to domestic violence, in 2011 the rapper felt the urge to write a novel about a 13-year-old schoolyard bully who finds redemption called Playground. As you might assume, the book contains autobiographical elements. 

50 Cent
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