ten greatest Hipster films

The 10 greatest films for Hipsters 

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You probably saw these films way before they were cool enough to even be called hipster.  Check out which ones made the list below 

There are cool films, and then there are hipster films. Films that your flannel shirt-wearing and bearded friend watched months before you even heard about them. Films that have to be seen in an independent cinema that sells craft beer on tap to be truly enjoyed.

They normally follow a certain formula as well. You can usually spot hipster films based on their profuse use of indie music (best listened to on vinyl), quirky humour and the tendency to talk about deeper, highly intellectual things (or at least make it sound like they are intellectual).

Watchmojo.com analysed the genre and came up with the definitive list of hipster movies. Do you agree with their number one? Let us know below! 

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