The Hoff vs the Rock: Which Baywatch crew is hotter?

The Hoff vs the Rock:
Which Baywatch crew is hotter?

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‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are about to burst onto our cinema screens in slow motion as the iconic Baywatch TV series gets the Hollywood treatment. The show featuring beautiful beach babes and tanned torsos is being rebooted with a whole new sexy cast. But can the new team compete with their perfectly proportioned predecessors?

Baywatch was a staple of Saturday night TV with its intoxicating mix of Californian sunshine, beach action, and ridiculously good-looking lifeguards. Now the red flotation device is being passed on to a new generation as director Seth Gordon unleashes Johnson, Efron, and gorgeous co-stars like Alexandra Daddario and Priyanka Chopra in one of the year’s most anticipated releases. 

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Original stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson will appear in the film but their roles as Mitch Buchannon, C.J. Parker and co. will be played by a host of new faces.

Can the new occupants of the most famous swimsuits in TV history match the original much-loved characters? We’ve pitted five of them against each other but who is your favourite? 

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Best leader: Mitch Buchannon
David Hasselhoff or Dwayne Johnson

Mitch Buchannon is the leader of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards, the cooler head around young firebrands, the father-figure and sometime disciplinarian.

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For over a decade, David Hasselhoff played the bare-chested boss, saving lives, solving crimes, and occasionally even battling sharks on Malibu’s shores. Over the years, he mentored colleagues like Eddie Kramer, Shauni McClain, Summer Quinn, and Matt Brody, all the while bringing up his son Hobie. And he did it with old school chest hair while keeping himself amazingly trim despite the years catching up on him.

Dwayne Johnson inherits ‘The Hoff’s role in the cinema reboot. The former wrestler’s muscles are as much a star as ‘The Rock’ himself and the actor kept fans up to date with his punishing training schedule from the set throughout filming. In the action-comedy, he has to deal with Efron’s upstart new arrival Matt Brody while also battling a criminal operation on his watch. 

Our favourite: This is a tie. ‘The Rock’ is quite literally one of Hollywood’s biggest stars but how can you go against the Baywatch legend that is ‘The Hoff’?

Sex symbol: Matt Brody 
David Charvet or Zac Efron

Matt Brody joined Baywatch as a new recruit whose parents cut him off financially leaving him to fend for himself. He didn’t do too badly by dating some of his hottest lifeguard work colleagues. 

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Si tu es né dans les années 90 tu as forcément connu ça David Charvet - Alerte à Malibu

First played by suave Frenchman David Charvet, Matt Brody first linked up with the Baywatch crew in season 3 remaining for three years. He had a long-term relationship with workmate Summer Quinn and, proving his ladies’ man credentials, also hooked up with C.J. Parker.   

Zac Efron revives the character of Brody in the new movie playing a brash new arrival in Dwayne Johnson’s lifeguard team. It seems this actor can do it all, from singing and dancing in the teenage favourite High School Musical to comedy in the Bad Neighbours films. Efron also brings his funny side to his new beach role and combines it with a ridiculously ripped physique.

Our favourite: For sheer hard work, Efron wins. Even ‘The Rock’ was impressed with his co-star’s appetite for getting in shape for the role.

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Blonde bombshell: C.J. Parker 
Pamela Anderson or Kelly Rohrbach

The slow-motion movement which made Baywatch famous can largely be put down to Pamela Anderson’s smoking appearance in the opening credits.

Former model Anderson appeared on Tim Allen’s Home Improvement before joining the cast of Baywatch in 1992. She spent five years as C.J. Parker in a role that made her a global phenomenon. C.J. Parker replaced Shauni McClain as the show’s screen siren and, aside from her body curves, was known for her hippyish interest in meditation and crystals, and a number of relationships with her co-workers. 

Kelly Rohrbach will have no problem stepping into Parker’s costume. The actress and model has featured in Sports Illustrated’s famous swimsuit editions. She also knows how to keep in shape as the American is an accomplished golfer earning a university scholarship in the sport. Baywatch represents her breakthrough movie role 

Our favourite: Pamela Anderson. Can Kelly Rohrbach compare to the inspiration behind millions of teenage boys’ fantasies?

Baywatch Movie

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Romancing The Rock: Stephanie Holden 
Alexandra Paul or Ilfenesh Hadera

Stephanie Holden came to Baywatch as a commander and immediately fell for the charms of Mitch Buchannon. The tall and slender Holden matched both brains and beauty as a trainer of rookie lifeguards. 

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Hpy B'day to the Alexandra Paul who's 51 today.She was the "lifeguard" on Baywatch who could actually be a lifeguard.

Former model Alexandra Paul played Stephanie Holden for five seasons, reprising the role in the  Baywatch spin-offs. Proving good looks run in the family, she was the older sister of Caroline played by Yasmine Bleeth. Paul auditioned for the roles of Summer Quinn and C.J. Parker and impressed the producers enough to land her own part.  

Ilfenesh Hadera has appeared in the movie Old Boy and the TV series Billions and The Blacklist. Born in New York and of Ethiopian descent, as Stephanie Holden in the cinema reboot she’ll also play the love interest for ‘The Rock’s’ Mitch Buchannon. 

Our favourite: As a producer of the film, Dwayne Johnson had a hand in choosing his on-screen romantic partner. And it’s not hard to see why he picked Ilfenesh Hadera.    

Summer dreams: Summer Quinn 
Nicole Eggert or Alexandra Daddario

Another stunner to strike a pose on the lifeguard tower, Summer Quinn also landed on Baywatch as a rookie. 

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Actress Nicole Eggert’s Summer Quinn arrived on the Californian coast with her mother in season 3 of the TV show and quickly became a fan favourite. A star athlete and swimmer, she immediately struck up a friendship with workmate Matt Brody. 

New Yorker Alexandra Daddario plays Quinn in the big screen outing. The actress appeared in the acclaimed TV series True Detective and is already used to working with Dwayne Johnson having appeared in earthquake action flick San Andreas. 

Our favourite: Proving she’s able to hold her own among Baywatch’s beautiful people, Daddario was previously named in Maxim magazine’s “Hot 100”. 

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