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The most stylish TV stars 

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The dress sense of TV’s leading men and what you can learn from them

TV stars are the new rock stars! First they turned the idea of the complete series genre on its head - now these leading men have raised the style bar for how we should look. Great storylines, stunning imagery and innovations in drama mean TV series now hold their own against the power of feature films. 

However, a key element of success is the many stellar characters who are integral parts of the television landscape. Not only do the scriptwriters create wonderfully crafted roles for the stars, but they’ve bestowed them with iconic senses of style. These five actors are lucky enough to play such trendsetting personalities we can all copy.

1 Don Draper: Mad Men

Is there a more elegant suit wearer on TV than Don Draper? We don’t think so. US actor Jon Hamm, who plays the creative director in the New York of the 1960s, thrills his fans thanks to his expensive wardrobe. Every now and then he’ll break out a casual look but comes across no less dashing than the business attire. 

Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy, West Coast ...

Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy, West Coast. The Mad Men series finale starts now.

The advice: To meet the timeless style of Don Draper, combine classically cut suits and muted colours. Add accurately parted hair with a wet shaved beard, and the style of the main protagonists of Mad Men is set. Leaning more towards casual wear? Opt for lumberjack or Hawaiian shirts, jackets and straight-fit chinos.

2 Jax Teller: Sons of Anarchy

Californian rocker Jax Teller might be played by an Englishman in Charlie Hunnam, but you can’t doubt he looks the part. This is certainly down to the perfect biker look which the makers of Sons of Anarchy tailor-made for him.

It ain't easy being king. #ThrowbackThursday #SOA

It ain't easy being king. #ThrowbackThursday #SOA

The advice: the outfits are dominated by the black leather vest but without biker club patches, it’s ideal for everyday use. Combine with plaid or casual shirts and cool baggie jeans to give this look a modern style. Add a belt with a rough buckle, boots and other cool accessories like sunglasses or a beanie, and you’re good to go. If the biker vest is not your thing, then you can always rely on a denim or leather jacket.

3 Jon Snow: Game of Thrones

True, a Jon Snow costume is more suited to a fancy dress party than everyday life. A sword, fur cape and leather shirt are not something we all keep in the wardrobe. Yet there are some things you can learn in terms of style from the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Fill in the blank. "If I were to Take the Black

Fill in the blank. "If I were to Take the Black I would ________________________."

The advice: The colour black will dominate any Jon Snow-inspired outfit, or go wild and add a touch of grey. Leather jackets and trousers, impressive boots and coats with a little fake fur will bring a little bit of Game of Thrones into your world. Black jeans can perfectly complement your look. Don’t forget to grow your hair and, if possible, avoid washing it for that greesy look – there’s a reason actor Kit Harington is forbidden to cut his mane. It simply belongs to Jon Snow.

4 Neal Caffrey: White Collar

Actor Matt Bomer’s alias is the former master thief Neal Caffrey who assists the FBI in their investigations into white collar crime. The art forger not only relies on his unique charm, but looks outrageously good. 

"Brass Tracks"

"Brass Tracks"

The advice: While Mad Men’s Don Draper operates in classic suits, you might like to go with Neal Caffrey’s more modern approach. Slim fit is a must and if you like you can bring some colour into play. In addition to accessories like pocket squares and cufflinks, why not experiment with stylish hats to really get close to the style icon? For something casual, a wool pullover, jacket and shirt nails the look.

5 Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch caused a stir with his reinterpretation of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. The displacement of the detective universe into today’s London has not only breathed new life into the stories, but the outfits of the investigator now take on a modern charm. It’s no wonder so many young Brits now base their clothing style on the hit series.

Sherlock will return #SherlockLives

Sherlock will return #SherlockLives

The advice: Tweed coat or jacket, a high-quality scarf and fine shoes, and you have that Sherlock look. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, but if you want to copy the elementary style, you’ll find it in noble British brands. And a classic Sherlock Holmes cap might not be out of the question.

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