the scariest aliens in film history

The scariest aliens in film history 

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No one can hear you scream in space, but the people sitting behind you in the cinema can 

The spine-chillingly scary monster from the mind of HR Giger is back. In Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Prometheus, another team of unsuspecting humans get up close and personal with the extra-terrestial killer. 

Directed once again by Ridley Scott, the Alien prequel sees Covenant, the colony ship, land on a planet that closely resembles paradise. But it quickly turns out to be anything but paradise as they encounter android David, the last survivor of the Prometheus mission and a new enemy, the Neomorph. 

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Based on the trailers, this one looks like being the blood and guts gore-fest that Prometheus wasn’t. But regardless of how scary this new alien turns out to be, it’s going to have its work cut out to beat these five for hide-behind-the-couch scariness. 

  1. Blob
  2. Predator
  3. Warrior Bugs
  4. The Thing
  5. Xenomorph
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The Blob

In 1958’s The Blob, an asteroid lands on the Earth. The asteroid has a little guest on board: a jelly-like substance that consumes everything that gets in its way.


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As far as looks go, this is probably the least-scariest alien on the list, but that’s what makes it even more dangerous. The near unstoppable mass completely consumes its victims and gets bigger with every “meal.“ Thank God the human race has hero Steve (played by Steve McQueen) to save the day as he discovers the creature’s only weakness: the cold. After freezing it with fire extinguishers, the US army transport it to the artic, where it continues to wait for the full effects of global warming to take hold. 


He’s invisible, has a mini-arsenal in his armour and is one ugly-looking dude. Predator first took to the screen in 1987 as it went on the hunt for skulls in the jungle, only to come a cropper to Arnie and has made another four appearances since – two Predator films and two Alien crossovers. 

Special effects wizard Stan Winston was inspired by director James Cameron to create the alien’s iconic mouth while on a flight and could have looked a lot different. Thankfully they went with the new design and the big guy will be back on the hunt in Shane Black’s 2018 reboot, but will  Major “Dutch” Schaefer make a cameo?  

Warrior Bugs

In this 1997 cult classic, mankind is fighting a war of attrition against an arachnid alien they call bugs, lead by the brain bug. Their goal? To destroy the human race of course!

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Although there are many different kind of bugs in their army, the Warrior Bugs are by far the most deadly. Just look at how the tear through human flesh. You really don’t want to be caught alone with one of these. 

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The Thing

A team of American scientists in the Antarctic discover that Norwegian colleagues have found an alien spacecraft and unwittingly released its alien host as well, which sets about its business infecting every one in the compound. Did Kurt Russell kill it, or did it infect one of the remaining survivors? 

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John Carpenter’s remake of 1951’s B-movie classic The Thing From Another World gives our killer alien some of the most deadly abilities seen on film. It can imitate beings it has attacked, meaning anyone could be the alien. Also, it has the ability to turn in to some of the most stomach-churning creatures ever. This is one scary thing!


When it comes to iconic and scary aliens, it doesn’t get much deadlier or scarier than the good old Xenomorph. Designed to be the ultimate killing machine, the Xenomporhs are fast, intelligent, super-strong, and if that doesn’t sound bad enough, they also have acid blood! They also kill their host upon birth, so you’re pretty much dead if you encounter one of these (unless you’re Ripley, that is). 

Alien: Covenant is out in cinemas worldwide from May 10 (check local listings for more details). 

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