The scariest horror film franchises

The scariest horror film franchises

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From curses to demons and spirits, these are five spine-chilling series for fans of fright fests

Some people like action flicks, comedies, or historical dramas. Others go to the cinema to be scared witless. They find comfort in uncomfortable viewing and with Rings, the third film in the series, they should be prepared to squirm in their seats. In the new movie, when Julia’s boyfriend Holt becomes curious about watching the video of the ghostly girl Samara Morgan, her life changes drastically.

If that’s the kind of thing that gets your heart racing, here are 5 more horror film franchises designed to shock you:

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Silent Hill

You’re bound to be curious if your child starts sleepwalking while repeatedly mentioning a mysterious city. So is it with Rose and Christopher Da Silva. When Rose decides to take daughter Sharon to visit the town called Silent Hill, they encounter a bizarre and dangerous sect. The film, based on the successful video games, spawned a sequel Silent Hill: Revelation which continued the unnerving story. This time, the characters become trapped in a parallel world.

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The Grudge

Unlike The Ring, the evil magic at play in The Grudge is not in a video but inhabits a house. When Kayako Saeki’s jealous husband murders his wife together with their son and pet cat, he unleashes a terrible curse dooming others to die. Buffy star Sarah Michelle Geller plays an American nurse thrust into the middle of the terrifying tale. The movie is based on the Japanese Ju-on series and led to two follow-up films.

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Evil Dead 

The Evil Dead is a three-part horror series which became a cult favourite and even earned a 2013 remake. The first film, starring Bruce Campbell, centres on a group of young people who find a tape of mysterious spells in the basement of an abandoned cabin in the woods. No sooner have the words been uttered when demonic forces are unleashed which manipulate the group like deadly puppets. Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness followed, and also inspired a TV series.

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Paranormal Activity

Normally, filming in the bedroom revolves around more amorous activities and has nothing to do with capturing evil demons who’ve infested your house. In Paranormal Activity, young couple Katie and Micah find themselves terrorised in their new home, all documented with recorded footage. So far, there have been six films in the frightening franchise. 

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Blair Witch Project

Students are usually eager to learn so perhaps it was no surprise when Heather, Josh and Mike decided to make a documentary about the local legend of the “Blair Witch”. When the group disappears during shooting in the Black Hills near Maryland, their footage is found a year later. One thing is certain, the recordings don’t make for pleasant viewing. The Blair Witch Project was a box office smash, made on a shoestring budget but earning widespread critical acclaim and the chilling story was revisited in two more films. 

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