Thor: Ragnarok - New Trailer

Feast your eyes on the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok right here

Words: Andrew Swann
Photo: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

We’ve finally been given our first glimpse of the upcoming Thor film, and it looks fantastic. Watch it in all its glory now

With Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 about to hit cinemas very soon, Marvel are keeping the superhero hype going with the very first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, and what a trailer it is! 

This colourful, retro-styled glimpse at the new film reveals why Mjölnir hasn’t been seen in any of the behind-the-scenes artwork and material, while we also get a look at Thor in his new get-up and without his iconic locks of blond hair. Oh, and Hulk! Yes, Big Green is finally revealed in all his Planet Hulk armour and, despite Thor knowing him, “from work” as he says, Hulk doesn’t seem too impressed at The God of Thunder’s arrival in his arena. 

Will they battle it out as enemies, or will the two eventually team up to bring down Cate Blanchett’s Hela? We’ll have to wait until the end of October to find out. 

In the meantime, watch the trailer below and tell us what you think.

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