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Matt Heafy’s Playlist

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1. Enter Sandman by Metallica

“Before I got into Metallica I tried out for a punk band, but sucked at guitar and didn’t get into the band - I was pretty depressed. Then someone leant me The Black Album. The first metal song I ever heard in my entire life was Enter Sandman. Hearing that song was what inspired me to practise religiously and try out for Trivium.”

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2. In Flames by Jotun

“This was one of the first melodic death metal songs I ever heard - this record was hugely inspirational to me in that it showed me you could mix screaming with beautiful guitar parts; moments of quiet with moments of intensity, and it showed me juxtaposition in music that I really hadn’t known before.”

3. Domination/Hollow by Pantera

“This was the first Pantera song I ever heard and it was the heaviest, most terrifying thing I had heard in my entire life. Before that it was Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer - all amazing but it didn’t go into that absolute-brutality heaviness. When I heard that I thought this is how I want to scream and this is the level of heaviness I want to project in our band.”

© Youtube // MetallicaBreadFan

4. Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden

“Every time I hear Run To The Hills I get fired up. It’s our pre-stage music now and it’s actually part of my warm-up too where I try to sing along to it. So if anyone is ever backstage and they hear this not-as-good version of Run To The Hills being sung then that’s me, getting my final warm up in.”

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5. Warp Zone by Martyr

“Martyr has been one of the most inspirational bands on the early route to Trivium, Daniel Mongrain their chief songwriter mixed things that you assumed wouldn’t go with death/thrash/speed metal. I had a couple of guitar lessons with him and that record was one of the most important in my upbringing as a guitar player. Mainly the rhythm playing was such a huge inspiration to me, but his lead playing is like no one else. He’s the only guy in a metal band who really plays like Allan Holdsworth - very legato-style guitar playing.”

© Youtube // Zodiak13

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