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The Walking Dead is about to become a permanent attraction at Universal Studios, so what parts of the hit show do you want to experience in the Zombie-eating flesh?  

The Walking Dead maze has been scaring visitors at Universal Studios during Halloween for a few years now. Good news. It’s becoming a permanent attraction. But what locations should be included from the hit show?

With the sixth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead almost at an end, you could be forgiven for being anxious at the prospect of waiting for the next instalment to start. No need to worry. The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios in Hollywood is going to give you the chance to live the zombie apocalypse all-year-round from summer 2016.

Universal promises that the attraction will deliver “authentic walker make-up effects, sophisticated animatronic walkers and highly recognisable props replicated from the series.” So what memorable locations should it include?


There’s no better place to start than where it all began: when Rick woke up from his coma and found himself in an empty hospital – well not that empty as it turned out. Just imagine stumbling through the hallway and seeing the words on the door, “Don’t Open. Dead Inside.” And then those frightening figures forcing their way through to tear you apart. 


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Another site from the first season is The Camp where Rick finds his wife and young son. Now it’s not really the best protected place against zombies. In fact there’s pretty much nothing stopping them from getting to you. But that’s why it’s a good choice. You have nowhere to run.


In the third season Rick and his gang stumble upon a prison. But it’s overrun with walkers. Inside there is minimal light and the prospect of a decaying hand clawing at your feet around every corner. Don’t forget that there are prisoners to contend with too. Just lock yourself in a cell and maybe you’ll live to tell the tale.

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It doesn’t matter how big you build those walls because the walkers will keep on coming. As was the case for Rick and friends when they arrived at Alexandria and found themselves in a community that had managed to block out the events of the zombie apocalypse. Just picture the idealistic setting overrun by walkers and those four walls that had once protected you blocking your exit. Throw in some terrified residents and “The Wolves” and now it’s a party.


“Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.” Yeah right. The train station took centre stage at the start of the fifth season in what might be the show’s strongest so far. It was a place where the residents had succumbed to the brutality of a world overrun by walkers and turned to cannibalism. This would be a great addition to the attraction at Universal Studios because we know from watching The Walking Dead that people can be just as scary as the undead. 

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