Where would Bond be without his girls?

The Bond Girls 

Words: Florian Wörgötter 
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If it weren’t for his women, 007 would be just a number in a bespoke suit. Bond’s playmates bring out his human side – though they’d do well to remember that he’s only truly loyal to the queen. Part 1 – The early years

THE ORIGINAL – Honey Ryder 

Ursula Andress (above left) emerges from the waves in the very first James Bond film, Dr No (1962), as the marvellous Honey Ryder. Her sharpest weapons are a knife, a white bikini and a desire to break the rules. This is the rebirth of Venus, the Goddess of Love, in the shape of the Bond girl – quick-witted, emancipated and interminably sexy.

The Force of Nature – Pussy Galore 

Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore

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Bond’s creator loved to give his female characters playful names. In Goldfinger (1964), Honor Blackman has the finest name of any Bond girl to date: Pussy Galore. The personal pilot of supervillain Goldfinger, she is the first female to floor OO7 with a judo move. Despite hints that Galore prefers women, naturally she proves powerless to resist the suave agent’s charms, too. 

The spouse – Teresa Bond 

Diana Rigg as Teresa Bond

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The name’s Bond, Teresa Bond. Only one woman ever got to say those words. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), Diana Rigg manages to drag George Lazenby up the aisle, but when the couple drive off on honeymoon, their happy day is ruined by a mix-up over UK road laws. Wicked Irma Bunt, assistant to bad guy Blofeld, doesn’t realise the steering wheel on a British-made Aston Martin is on the right-hand side, so her bullet for Bond hits the wrong head.

THE airhead - Mary Goodnight

Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight

© Allstar Picture Library/United Artists

In The Man With The Golden Gun (1974), we mostly see Britt Ekland in her bikini. The pouting blonde may be named Mary Goodnight, but her liaisons with Roger Moore are anything but intimate. Just as they are about to make love, he shuts her in the closet when Bond girl #2, Andrea Anders (Maud Adams), comes knocking. As one dozes off among his jackets, Bond blithely has sex with the other. Goodnight almost kills Bond when she unwittingly pushes a red button with her backside and zaps a Pacific island into oblivion.

THE bad girl turned good – Octavia Charlotte Smythe

where would Bond be without his girls?

© The Kobal Collection

Maud Adams graduated from secondary Bond girl Andrea Anders in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) to the eponymous female lead in Octopussy (1983). A circus director and Fabergé egg smuggler, Octavia Charlotte Smythe got her nickname from her father, who studies octopi. Like so many bad girls in the Bond universe, Octopussy has her soul saved by 007 – and inevitably ends up in his bed.

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