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4 things you need to know about Walker Stalker con

Words: Florian Obkircher 

Before you attend the Garden of Eden for The Walking Dead fans, consider these four things that will help you make the most out of your visit 

Does watching TV shows feel like a lonely venture? Do you enjoy discussing the big moments from your favourite shows on reddit.com, but miss the real-life debates? A convention might be right up your alley if you answered yes to any of those questions. 

In 2016, Walker Stalker Con – a gathering dedicated to the fans of The Walking Dead TV show – ventured across the Atlantic for the first time, giving the ‘Deadheads’ in London the chance to take photos with the beloved cast members like Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), ask them questions on the panels and discuss the show’s highlights amongst each other.

The convention returns to London’s Olympia on March 4 and 5. In order to make the most of it, here are four tips for Walker Stalker beginners.

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1. Unleash You Inner Walker

Apart from Halloween there are not a lot of days where your urge to dress up as a walker will be met with public praise.

Hence, use your chance, get your fake blood out and switch into walker mode. Outdo the other Walking Dead fans and you might even get a nod from one of the cast members who roam around the convention all day. But be warned, the competition last year was quite high.

2. Check Out The Panel Discussions

Without a doubt, the best feature of the convention are the panels where past and present cast members extensively discuss their roles and sometimes even offer a glimpse into The Walking Dead’s future.

Like last year, when Chandler Riggs alias Carl Grimes excitedly reported that his favourite scene is about to be aired very soon and that it marks a sea change for his character. Or when Jon Bernthal, better known as Shane Walsh, revealed – when asked about Judith’s then still unresolved fatherhood – that she would soon start to show his big nose and ears.

Ross Marquand and Alexandra Breckenridge discuss how tough it is to keep the upcoming plot details a secret from the public 

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3. Make Sure You Bring Extra Cash

The panel discussions are free to attend, but taking a photo with your favourite cast member and getting their autographs will cost extra. The fees are listed at each stall and vary by actor. Obviously, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus charge the most. Also, be aware that it’s cash only, but no worries, there are a few cash machines outside the conference centre.

Zombie experts might want to buy things at the market stalls where vendors offer apocalypse survival kits and The Walking Dead devotional objects for sale.

Plan Out Your Visit Carefully

From shopping at the zombie market to collecting autographs of the show’s heroes – there’s a lot to do at Walker Stalker con. So as not to miss out on an exciting panel discussion or lose valuable time queuing up for a selfie with Chandler Riggs, you should plan out your stay properly.

Make sure to book a photo op in advance on the conference’s website, and study the panel schedule which is available on the official WSC app, as you might want to arrive a few minutes early for each panel to get a seat. 

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