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5 Of The Most Dangerous Places In The World 

Words: Muhamed Beganovic
Photo: Getty Images

Adventurer and storm chaser George Kourounis reveals 5 of the most dangerous places in the world, places you probably shouldn’t visit without him by your side

1 Darvaza Crater, Turkmenistan. This crater in the desert – better known as the “door to hell“ – is a natural gas field that collapsed into an under underground cavern in 1971. It’s a great place to toast marshmallows (if George is with you).  

2 Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia. This active volcano is in the middle of the dangerous, uninhabitable danakil desert, and, according to Kourounis, it is a “thing of nightmares.” He recommends getting a lot of advice before you try it yourself, like learning how to dodge flowing lava! 

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3 Vatna Glacier, Iceland. The largest glacier in Europe in terms of area is also the most breath taking. Waterfalls, icebergs and geysers offer unforgettable moments, but don’t be fooled by the beauty; this really is a dangerous place. Boiling hot gas and steam spurt out of unexpected corners, melting everything in its path. 

4 Oklahoma, USA, in the spring. May and June is Tornado season. They get between 800 and 1,200 a year out there and most of them cause real havoc. When the sky starts to darken and the wind picks up, then that is when you definitely want to have George with you. 

© Youtube // gkourounis

5 Kitum Cave, Kenya. You never know what’s worse here: the rather violent bats or the fact that you could catch the very dangerous Marburg virus. Be EXTREMELY careful!  

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