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7 easy tips to look and feel more confident


Up your confidence game with these 7 tips from kickboxing world champion and expert negotiator Adel Abdel-Latif

Adel Abdel-Latif is used to winning: he was named Mr. Switzerland in 1996, became the youngest senior radiologist in history when he was 32 and two years ago became the oldest kickboxing world champion ever at the grand old age of 42.

He’s now helping politicians and top managers deal with crises as a “ghost negotiator.“ The correct body language and the way you project yourself on to others is essential according to Adel. But how can you look more confident, inspire trust and intimidate opponents? These 7 tips should help. 

1. Dress appropriately 

Dress for the occassion. “A suit is essential for top management and inter-cultural meetings,“ according to Adel. 

Very important: clean shoes to go with the right outfit. 

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Dr. Abdel-Latif Consulting AG, Baar ZG (Baar, Zug). 284 likes · 9 talking about this. Verhandlungsberatung - Ghost Negotiation

2. Use red as a signal 

Red is often interpreted as being dominant. Complimenting an outfit with a red accessory (tie, scarf, bag or handkerchief) can help leave a lasting impression. 

3. Use status symbols effectively 

“You can also have an effect on others through the subtle use of status symbols,“ says Adel.

His essential accessories: a designer watch, cuff links and a fountain pen. 

"The Ghost" am Gate nach Berlin - mehrere ...

"The Ghost" am Gate nach Berlin - mehrere Interviews stehen an. Heute mit TV & Radiolegende Thomas Koschwitz...

4. Make an impression

The first impression is the most important. Allow yourself to be introduced by a member of your team, stating your name, title and role in the company.

Are you the guest? Then take two steps towards the host, hold out your hand and stay there. These movements allow you to instantly take the dominant role.

Are you the host? Then stay seated for two seconds, then stand up and let the guest come to you. 

The first impression is the most important. Allow yourself to be introduced by your name, title and role 
Adel Abdel-Latif

5. Be relaxed but concise 

Don’t “read your words” while talking. That can have an impact on your position of dominance. Make sure your speech is relaxed, clear and to the point.

Do what the actors do: practise at home by trying to read a book with a cork in your mouth. 

"In diesem Buch werden Sie lernen, wie Sie ...

"In diesem Buch werden Sie lernen, wie Sie teilweise anhand kriminalistischer Methoden Ihren Verhandlungspartner ana- lysieren, Ihr Verhandlungsteam aufstellen, wie Sie sich die wichtigen und vor allem richtigen Informationen beschaffen, wem Sie vertrauen können und misstrauen müssen und wie Sie,falls nötig, denletzten WiderstandIhres Gegners brechen können, um ihn im entscheidenden Moment cool und eiskalt auszuknocken...."(Auszug "Quick & Dirty, Redline Verlag)

6. Make notes when listening 

The speaker will notice your concentration and the suggested dominance through this. It will also help you note important arguments that you do not want to forget in a high-stress discussion. 

7. Be careful with what you eat and drink 

Very hot or cold drinks can have an unflattering effect on your voice. Say no to biscuits or sweets as well, as the sugar rush will lead to tiredness and could have an impact on your ability to concentrate. 

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