10 Dinge, die deiner Beziehung einen Boost verleihen

7 easy ways to please your loved one on Valentine’s Day 

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Want to show your loved one how much they mean to you but don’t know how? Been in a relationship for a long time and want to relight the fire? Here are seven easy tips to make that happen

The 14th of February is a very special day. It’s a day to love and be loved and to show that special someone just how much you care about them. It’s also a day to stress about because you’ve no idea how to show this affection or what to give that special person in your life. Here are seven tips to help make your Valentine’s Day a success.

1. The way to the heart is through the stomach 

You’re a sushi fan but your partner loves cheeseburgers? Not to worry. Somewhere out there is a recipe that both of you love – you just need to look for it together. Don’t be afraid to break rules, try new things and experiment. You may surprise both of you.  

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: Buy all the things both of you like and try to create something brand new together. 

2. The secret 

We all have secrets we’d rather not share with anyone, and it’s no different in a relationship. Being open with your partner can help break down walls you never even knew existed. Revealing things about yourself that others don’t know helps you create a partner in crime – even it is the most banal of secrets.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: Do something that will be your little secret together.

3. Rituals

Everyone likes the feeling that our loved one is thinking about us. Whether it’s a quick massage before going to bed, or bringing them a cup of coffee in the morning with a note – these little things can make the world of difference.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: You can’t go wrong with a classic – breakfast in bed and a little note of affection. 

You could even impress your loved one with an egg – watch this video to find out how

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4. Adrenalin kick 

Looking for and experiencing dangerous, adventurous things together can help further strengthen your relationship. The adrenalin rush you both have is magnified through the joint experience, making you love each other even more.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: Parachute out of a plane together or do a joint bungee jump. 

5. The déjà-vu factor

If you’ve been with someone for a long time then chances are you’ve gone through quite a lot with them. Reliving these moments can help reignite certain fires.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: Watch one of your favourite bands together or head to a city where you had your first weekend away as a couple. Or even simpler, make a mixtape with some of your favourite songs. 



6. Sacrifice

Being in a relationship isn’t easy, it takes sacrifice and putting others before yourself when needed. Showing your partner that you’re willing to do something you hate to please them can help you show them just how important they are to you.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: Make good on that promise you made at Christmas to spend a day doing your partner’s favourite things.

7. One for the photo book 

Keep a record of your time together. Don’t go selfie crazy, but make use of a photo booth or an event to document those special moments.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion: Get your partner a Polaroid or Fuji instax camera. You’ll be surprised just how much more attention you pay to pics when you have them in your hand rather than on your laptop. 


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