8 simple tricks to make people like you

8 simple tricks to make people like you 

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Sometimes you might wonder why your best friend really is your best friend. Even if you can’t explain it, science can

Some interesting findings by psychologists reveal why people are naturally sympathetic to others. Here are eight simple tricks to make others like you quicker - or to deepen your existing friendships.

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Spending time together

According to the “mere-exposure effect”, people like other people when they see them more often. So, keep yourself close to your friend. If your first encounter was negative, however, this method could do the opposite.

Show positive emotions

The psychological concept of “emotional contagion” refers to a state when people are heavily influenced by the emotions of others. You automatically transfer your mood to the people you’re with. Therefore, you should be positive around others and they’re likely to be happy in your presence.

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Researchers at the universities of Stanford and Duisburg-Essen found that students who were communicating with each other in an experiment with avatars (virtual versions) reacted more positively to each other the more the avatar’s smiled. And according to another study at the University of Florence, people remember you more when you smile the first time you meet.

Show a sense of humour

Whether as a friend or lover, for many people, a sense of humour always plays an important role in a partner, as a US study has revealed. Again, if you show your funny side at the first encounter, the better the chance you’ll be liked. 

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Be friendly and competent

According to a model at Princeton University, people judge others by how warm and knowledgeable they are. Show your friendly side first and others will have the feeling they can trust you. Similarly, if you exude competence, for example, with a high educational status, they tend to respect you.

Don’t criticise others

Gretchen Rubin, author of the book The Happiness Project, says: “What you say about others affects how people see you.” Scientists call this phenomenon “spontaneous trait transference”. If you talk positively about other people, others will associate these qualities with you. Speak ill of others and your audience will link negative things with you.

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Confess weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. The “Pratfall effect” states that people tend to like you if you make a simple mistake or mishap every now and then. By seeming vulnerable, you’ll actually be brought closer to people.

Mirror your opposite

The mirror technique uses the so-called “chameleon effect” where you unconsciously imitate the behaviour of the person you are with. You synchronise words and body language. If you apply this method in a targeted manner, it increases your chances of being liked by the other person.

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