Aaron Eckhart

How to Stay Fit the Aaron Eckhart Way

Words: Nora O’Donnell 
Photography:  Mike Pont / Getty Images

The 48-year-old natural outdoorsman shares how he maintains his top physique without stepping foot in a gym

The rugged and charismatic star of Sully feels more comfortable cutting down trees on his ranch in Montana than running on a treadmill like a gerbil. Here are his key tips for maintaining a decent fitness level without waiting for those machines at your local gym. 

1. Wake up early and put on some Spandex

“I am a passionate road cyclist, so I wear Spandex almost every single day. Before work, I’ll do 40 miles in the Malibu Hills or 40 miles around my ranch in Montana or 50 miles in wherever. I’m out in the fresh morning, I’m thinking about how my body’s working and I’m thinking about the scripts. That’s when there’s a conscious response and you get the good stuff. Cycling has done a lot for my mental wellbeing.”

2. Chuck some rocks

“When I work out, I chuck rocks and chop down trees. That gets me going, too. I would much prefer to be outside than inside. I don’t like air conditioning. I always have doors and windows open. I like to hear the sounds and listen to the birds—even in LA. We’re surrounded by beautiful nature here, whether I’m surfing or cycling or beating up a tree. I’ve been living in LA for 15 years. Every day I’ll either cycle, run on the beach, surf or I just howl at the moon.” 

3. Don’t drink. Ever

“I quit drinking—I don’t know how many years ago. All I have to do is look at the person I’m with who’s drinking, and I know why I don’t drink anymore. Somebody who’s drinking versus somebody who’s not? It’s pretty apparent. I love to wake up early. I love to go bike riding. And I know that the guy who’s drinking is not going to get up early and hit it hard tomorrow. I go to bed early, too. People would laugh at my hours of operation. I had 25 good years with alcohol, so I don’t really need it anymore. I find I’m a better person without it. I’m nicer. I’m more in control of my message. It’s not hard to resist it. Smoking, on the other hand, is harder. I smoke cigars. I enjoy doing that, and it’s my one pleasure.”  

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