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Assassin’s Creed Unity - New modes and new missions as an old favourite opens up feudal France

You know you’ve got a hot video game series on your hands when the movie adaptation is due to be produced by and stars Michael Fassbender. “Assassin’s, I’m so happy with,” said the Irish actor in April. (Production is yet to begin.) But though it’s nice for Hollywood to come calling, a game franchise is only ever really as good as its latest title. Thankfully, Assassin’s Creed Unity is looking very, very, very good indeed.

This seventh game in the sneak-’em-up series takes place in Paris just as guillotine blades are set to drop and help set off the French Revolution. As is usual in the series, there is also a modern-day set-up (and, it might be safely guessed, denouement) that drives the lead character, Arno Dorian, back 230 years into the mind and body of a French assassin, pickpocket, puzzle solver, urban explorer and street fighter.

With each game, Assassin’s Creed game world becomes even more expansive and visually impressive, but this has always been matched by a ramp-up of the play mechanic. Making Unity more involving is a co-operative mode: take Arno into an inn and you can join with up to three other players to solve missions together. Side missions and main objectives are now more seamlessly integrated, making your overall quest less disjointed. 

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