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Emo’s Austin


If you’re looking for the best gigs in Austin, then you can’t go wrong at Emo’s
Emo’s East
Emo’s East

2015 E Riverside Drive, 
Austin, Texas, 
78741, USA
+1 (512) 505-9999

We love running a club in this city because… 

Austin is the live music capital of the world!

The club’s name is a reference to … 

The original owner, Eric Hartman, aka Emo, who was a spotter in Chicago for all the hot bar owners. He would go to bars to watch the staff, then let the owners know who was over-pouring to get higher tips. When he got to Austin, he opened his own place and called it Emo’s.

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From outside the club looks like…

A souped-up strip mall.

If there’s a movie to compare the interior with, it would be… 

The Coen brothers’ movie, Blood Simple.

Nights really start to get going…

Around 10.30pm.

The club is packed when there are… 1,700 people in, according to the number on the wall, but let’s say 2,000.
Mike Staples, club manager

The craziest night was when…

The band Gordon solie m****rf****rs played. Bags of flour everywhere. TVs from the green room were thrown into the crowd. Trash cans flying. Surprisingly, no fights. 

At the moment, the track that makes the crowd go nuts is… 

Enter The Ninja by Die Antwoord, and The Lonely Island’s I’m On A Boat

When patrons tire from dancing, they rest…

In the stadium bleachers which we took from the local high school.

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