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Animal Instinct

Words : Heri Irawan 
Photo : Den April/Red Bull Content Pool 

B-Boy Champ Hong 10 gets ripped without heavy weights and makes like a snake to stay strong.

“I started dancing when I was 14,” says Kim Hong-Yeol, alias Hong 10. Each of the South Korean’s muscles looks defined and yet he claims that he’s “never lifted any heavy weights in my whole life”. The two-time Red Bull BC One champion (2006, 2013) prefers bodyweight training to develop the strength and power he needs, not least for his signature move, the Hong 10 Freeze; look for it on YouTube. The 29-year-old starts his daily one-hour workout with press-ups, followed by squats and sit-ups: two sets of 50 reps for each. Then comes work with light dumbbells (see below). He finishes with what he considers to be the most important element: yoga. “The cat and cobra are the best way to strengthen the lumbar column [lower spine], which we break-dancers put under enormous pressure.”

The cat and the cobra

Hong 10 works daily to improve the flexibility of his spine and his sense of balance: two sets of 50 reps each of the cat and cobra yoga poses

Your daily power boost

“The only weights I use are 0.5kg and 1kg to strengthen my wrists, which come under strain,” says Hong 10. “If you want to take a tip from me, work out daily. You should have attainable goals and don’t put yourself under too much pressure. That’s the best way to avoid injuries.”


Light weights

0.5-1kg weights 

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