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The best apps coming out soon for your tablets and phones

In need of some serious game-playing fun for your phone or tablet? Then look no further. We have been busy testing out the new games hitting the market soon and have picked out a few of the best.

Whether it is gesture-driven gameplay, steampunk adventure or high-octane racing you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.


Season 2 of the iOS adventure game is in black-and-white and will have you ‘drawing’ symbols on the screen to win. 


Shades of future racer Wipeout, and those are some great shades, with a Tron-like feel and up to eight players. Available on Android and iOS. 

80 Days

As in Around The World In: steampunk challenge that’s part game, part narrative adventure. The story unfolds in 150 cities. iOS only. 

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