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Keep doing the things you enjoy doing, that is one of Billy Morgan’s top tips. Read the rest below. 

Snowboarder Billy Morgan started on Southampton’s dry slopes at the age of 18, and has progressed to become one of the country’s best riders, representing Team GB at the winter Olympics and busting out never-before-seen tricks on the international scene. Here are his top tips for success on (and off) the snow.

1. Enjoy yourself

“The key thing people forget when they want to get serious about snowboarding is to keep doing the things you enjoy doing. It’s easy to get stuck in a training rut and that can ruin the joys of snowboarding. Even if you want to be a pro, don’t take the fun away from it.”

“Even if you want to be a pro, don’t take the fun away from it.”

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2. Dry is not a dirty word

“If you can get away to snow, great but it can be expensive. If you’ve only got a dry slope near you, that doesn’t hold you back. You can experience the culture of snowboarding from anywhere, especially if there’s a good local scene. Just go and shred! Jamie Nicholls is one of the country’s best and he was on dry slopes almost until he got signed and went pro. And it can actually be a benefit – all there is to do on dry slopes and in snowdomes is ride rails and small jumps, there’s no powder or backcountry. So we have some ridiculously strong, super techy rail riders as a result.”

Billy Morgan

Billy in action at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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3. Get a little help from your friends

“Ride with people better than you. If you have the opportunity to shred with pros or more experienced friends that’s the way to go. Don’t be worried about people being judgemental of your abilities, snowboarding’s not like that. They’ll be stoked that you’re cruising around trying stuff with them.”

Billy Morgan

Billy Morgan practices on the jump at Red Bull Snow Performance Camp in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA.

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