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Words: JJ Dunning
Images: Mag-Lev  

Mag-Lev is a Kickstarter project that’s futuristic and old-fashioned all at once. See how it could give your record collection a lift…

If you had a record player that defied gravity, which bands would you listen to? Warren Zero G? Fall Out Buoyant? Maybe even David Hasselhover?

MAG-LEV Audio are a design team based in Ljublana, Slovenia. Inspired by their combined love of music and cutting edge design, they’ve developed this first-of-its-kind zero-gravity turntable.

  • The project launched on Kickstarter in October 2016 and is aiming to raise $300,000
  • Users can pledge between $3 and $1,780 to help the model go into production
  • If successfully funded, the first turntables are scheduled to be delivered in August 2017

But what is this witchcraft? And how does it actually work? Well, MAG-LEV claim that their patented drive system is “where the magic happens”. It’s here that they are able to achieve magnetic levitation of the “platter” (the bit your record sits on) without affecting the revolution speed.

“We like listening to music on turntables and we love vinyl,” they say. “We’re also really enthusiastic about everything that levitates – which is becoming fashionable – so we thought we would combine the two.”

The designers also claim that the player is, “a turntable of the future for the medium of the past”. Frankly, though, even if it sounds terrible it’ll still be the coolest bit of audio kit ever made.

If the turntable goes into production, prices are expected to start at $1,390 (£1,138).

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