The Beast Ultimate

The Light Fantastic

Your tech’s only as good as its battery life – get a free recharge with this solar-powered kit

1 The Beast Ultimate 

It may look like it was born bad, but this off-roader tops 32kph and travels up to 30km on a single charge. And it’s at home on numerous tricky terrains, from sand to snow.

© daymak2011 // Youtube

2 GoSun Sport 

Solar power, the medieval way. Use sunlight to cook up everything from eggs and fish to stir-frys and steak. The GoSun Sport can reach 290°C, and even works when it’s cloudy.

© Tiny House Listings // Youtube

3 EnerPlex Surfr Amp 

This battery case boosts the life of your iPhone 6/6s by 160 per cent and, as long as the sun shines, you can top that up with a continuous charge from the rear solar panel.

© Hitfar // Youtube

4 Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack 

Sun on your back? One hour of light will power your phone for four. There’s even a sunglasses pocket for when you face the other way.

© Voltaic Systems // Youtube

5 Skylock 

This is more than a smartphone-controlled lock. It’ll alert you if someone tampers with your bike. If you crash, it’ll send you a message; fail to respond and it’ll notify a friend or family member.

© Skylock // Youtube

6 Soulra Rugged Rukus 

A portable Bluetooth speaker has two jobs: to  sound good and to not die on the party. In daylight, this one is faultless in both regards. After dark, it’ll kick on for another eight hours.

© Elsa Hougron // Youtube

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