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Cook like a boss: Turbo-charge your kitchen with these smart gadgets

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In the pre-digital age, a kitchen would consist of a fridge, a sink, an oven and a microwave. These days, there’s an incredible number of futuristic appliances that can help you cook, chop and shop easier

Are you a real foodie, used to standing behind the stove and willing to try new things?​

These gadgets will transform your kitchen into the culinary equivalent of Bruce Wayne’s Batcave, and look just as stylish. We’ve profiled four of the best on the market to help turn you into a cooking wizard.


We present:

  • Smarter Fridge Cam 
  • HoverBar
  • Pizza Boss
  • DCI Knuckle Pounder 
  • Cooling stones

Food shopping of the future

Smarter is a British start-up that has pioneered a number of ingenious kitchen products such as WiFi coffee makers, and the impressive Smarter Fridge Cam. This, as its name suggests, is a connected camera that you keep in the fridge. The Cam is able to take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator and send it to you when you’re on the go, so you can relax when you’re out shopping for groceries and quickly check what you’re running low on. The company have also produced the Smarter Mat, which can be placed in cupboards or worktops, and measure how much food is left in a carton or jar by using a weight sensor inside.


Smarter brings three new kitchen gadgets to Las Vegas video

MUSIC] Hey, we're here at CES Unveils at the Smarter booth. It's been one of the busier booths tonight. It's a British start-up that is bringing new tech into the kitchen to help you smarten up your existing appliances. The first products are these mats here, ranging from $80 to $100, they'll weigh whatever you put on top of them.


Produced by the company Twelve South, the HoverBar 3 is an iPad holder. So far, so humdrum. But this is an iPad holder with a difference: unlike similar gadgets, the HoverBar can be installed virtually anywhere, in any position and angle that you need. This is especially helpful in the kitchen, allowing you to enjoy your tablet hands-free and prop up recipes or video tutorials as you tackle the ingredients pile.

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Man cooking 

These two kitchen gadgets certainly pack a testosterone-fuelled punch, but manage to look cool at the same time. You’ve probably spent a lifetime searching for a decent pizza cutter. Even the best ones can struggle slicing through tricky toppings, but the Pizza Boss changes all that. Modelled on a table saw, with one of these you get to act out your dreams as a master craftsman.

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If you like your kitchen utensils brutal, look no further than the DCI Knuckle Pounder. This gadget doubles up as a knuckle duster and will smack your meat into a tender shape, while providing excellent grip.

Here´s a tip: Both of these devices make idea gifts for your bros.


Cool drinks without the ice

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Some drinks demand to be ice cold, and none more so than whisky on the rocks. The problem with ice cubes, though, is that they tend to melt and dilute the drink. A new trend taking off among drinkers of this distilled spirit is cooling stones.

Usually consisting of granite, soapstone or stainless steel, these can be frozen in the freezer. They won’t affect the taste, can be used repeatedly and also look good – with a number of designs available from a range of manufacturers, from cartridges to skulls!

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