Craziest hangover remedies from around the world

Forget aspirin: the craziest hangover remedies from around the world

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Most people love a heavy night on the tiles, but you’ll be hard-pushed to find anyone who enjoys the morning after. These are the strangest hangover cures from across the globe.

We’ve all sworn off alcohol for good while nursing a booming headache on a Sunday morning after over-indulging with a few too many tequila slammers the night before. But despite our best intentions, these vows never seem to last. The best solution is to find a way of reducing the hangover’s vice-like grip over your brain, especially when the effects of a full English breakfast and aspirin are limited at best. Around the world, different cultures have embraced all kinds of remedies in a quest to kiss goodbye to the hangover. Here are six of the craziest recipes from…

  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Colombia
  • Mongolia
  • Sicily
  • Australia
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Haejangguk, South Korea

South Koreans are honest people, so anyone who orders a “haejangguk” (which means “soup to chase a hangover”) is making it quite clear that they’re in need of some food-related TLC. Haejangguk usually consists of dried Napa cabbage, vegetables and meat in a hearty beef broth, with lots of spices. One type of Haejangguk is traditionally mixed with sliced congealed ox blood, while another type, “Sundaeguk”, includes a kind of blood sausage made with intestine stuffed with pig’s blood.

Kokoretsi, Turkey

If you find yourself in Turkey after a heavy night, you should order a plate of kokoretsi, provided you’re a fan of offal. This dish consists of lamb or goat intestines, wrapped around chopped innards and organs cooked on a spit. Much like the döner kebabs for which the country is famous, kokoretski is a popular type of fast food after binge drinking, and will fill you up while keeping your head pain at bay.

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Lechona, Colombia

This popular Colombian dish should steer you clear of many of drinking’s unpleasant side effects. Consisting of a stuffed roast pig, yellow peas, green onions, yellow rice and spices, it is then slow-cooked in an outdoor brick oven for between 10 to 23 hours. A long time perhaps, but well worth it!

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Mongolian Mary, Mongolia

The traditional hangover cure of Mongolia is a “Mongolian Mary” – much like a Bloody Mary, but the alcohol has been replaced by a pickled sheep eye. This drink should help break down the amount of alcohol in your blood and give your head a much-needed rest.

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Bull’s penis, Sicily

According to the people of Sicily, the one sure-fire way to eradicate your hangover is to eat a dried bull’s penis. It may sound more like a Bushtucker Trial from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! - but with it’s promise to keep the wolf from the door, it might be worth trying.

Green Tree Ant Tee, Australien

You can never go wrong with a warm tea, in fact it’s quite a pleasant way to stave off the after-effects of hard drinking. Green tree ant tea, pioneered by Australia’s indigenous people, is a different proposition altogether. The recipe is simple, but not exactly appetising: mixing ground-up green tree ants in a cup of hot water or bush tea. However this is easier said than done, as the ants are aggressive and they will swarm you if you attack their nests before biting you and squirting a burning fluid into the wound. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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