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Earth from space: These Instagram images are out of this world

Photo: pexels

Our planet is full of spectacular landscapes but have you ever seen them from this gravity-defying perspective?

There are not many people who get to see the whole world in a single glance but it’s one of the perks of life aboard the International Space Station. Using their Instagram accounts, these astronauts give the rest of us here on Earth a glimpse from their unusual and awe-inspiring perspective.

Do you recognise any of these places from the view of the floating station?

This gigantic gorge has a total length of almost 280 miles. Every year around five million people visit this natural wonder.

Answer: Of course it’s the Grand Canyon in Arizona and to the right you can also see Lake Powell.

In this Asian mountain range there are several peaks with summits of over 8000 metres. Even the highest mountain in the world is located here but what exactly is seen in the photo?

Answer: In this image the ISS hovered over the Himalaya Mountains where astronaut Scott Kelly captured a fascinating snap of a glowing frozen lake.

This area is also called the “Mar del Plastico”. Many worldwide supermarket deliveries originate from this southern province but do you recognise what the white spots actually are?

Answer: Almeria is the world’s largest region for growing fruits and vegetables under plastic and glass roofs. These greenhouses join together to cover an area of 35,000 square meters.

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Despite what it looks like, this city is not located in the Caribbean.

Answer: Venice’s historic centre is made up of 118 small islands together, with houses in the Venetian Lagoon built on millions of wooden piles.

The variety of unusual colours in this image contrasts starkly with the nearby sea.

Curious colors near the Black Sea.

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Answer: Astronaut Kjell Lindberg shot this photo near the Black Sea.

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From this perspective, it doesn’t seem to be so high but this mountain range is almost 6000 metres above sea level.

Answer: Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is located in Tanzania on the border with Kenya.

Up to three million believers make the annual pilgrimage to this holy place.

Answer: Mecca is the centre of the Muslim faith and the Great Mosque can be seen in this photo captured from space. Non-Muslims are forbidden from entering the city.

And finally a view of the city that never sleeps.

Answer: Yes, it’s New York City sparkling at night. You can make out the especially bright lights of midtown Manhattan with Times Square right on Central Park.

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