NOËP on what to do in Tallinn

NOËP’s hometown tips - Tallinn 

Words: Andrew Swann 

Electro artist NOËP reveals what to do, where to go and what to see in Tallinn

Estonian-born electronic-pop artist NOËP AKA Andres Kõpper captures the imagination with his bold blend of dance-influenced beats and catchy, indie-inspired melodies. His latest single, “Rooftop” is an ode to the halcyon carefree days of being young, singing from the rooftops, turning all the lights off and “fooling around.”

The Red Bulletin caught up with the electro-artist as he looked over the Tallinn skyline to find out what he loves the most about his hometown, and why you really need to understand the “northern mentality” before trying to talk to one of the locals.  

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THE RED BULLETIN: Where’s the best place to go for breakfast?

NOËP: There’s a really nice place called Peps in the city centre where the omelette is a total killer! Coffee is great as well, which is a must for a breakfast place. 

A hidden treasure not many people know about in your city?

It’s probably a district named Telliskivi. It used to be a place full of factories, but now its blooming with numerous restaurants and creative hubs. It really is a great place to be right now. 

The best place to go for a walk, to relax or to get a bit of nature?

Kadrioru Park is definitely a must see place. It is the perfect place for a little stroll if you want to clear your head or get some inspiration. 

What should people avoid in your city …

You should probably avoid talking to strangers in public spaces. Northerners have a very specific idea about personal space, so unless you want to be considered a psychopath, you should probably respect the “Northern personal space!” [laughs.]

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A fun fact about your city not many people know…

There are secret tunnels from the 17th century underneath the old town!

It’s 5 am and you want to party more. Where do you go?

Home. Or some ugly places you really don’t want to go to, but you don’t want to know about those. 

If you’re into music, where should we be hanging out to get our vinyl fix?

Biit Me Record Store in the old town. Go check it out and get a good fix. 

Two words which some up your city

Small big city. 

What’s the city’s best club?

Probably Club Studio because of its sound system. I always like playing there. 

How should I get around the city?

I personally love getting around by tram. It gets you to the necessary places and you get to see the city as well. Uber and/or Taxify (local taxy app) will also do the job.

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